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Italy is a land of exciting variety, pristine peaks and tranquil lakes present themselves in the North along with romantic and chic cities like Venice and Milan. Meanwhile you’ll find verdant vineyards lined with Cypress trees in Tuscany and kaleidoscopic rows of coloured houses hanging over peaceful bays along the Amalfi Coast. Soak up the diversity from the mountains to the coast and the spectacularly nuanced regional cuisine all over Italy. Spending your self-catering holiday in one of our over 5,000 holiday lettings in Italy is a great way to enjoy all the culture, history and art.

Villas in Italy

Holiday lettings by the beach in Italy

If the dazzling beauty of Italy's rolling hills and roman cities wasn’t enough, the country also has a phenomenal coastline that spans over 7000km! From the Italian Riviera (or Ligurian coast) in the north, the glamourous Amalfi Coast, to the stunning beaches of Sicily and Sardinia, NOVASOL has hundreds of holiday homes that will offer you the ultimate beach holiday. There will be no need to run for a sunlounger in the morning or beat the queues at the breakfast buffet, in your Italian villa or apartment you can holiday at your own pace.

Italian countryside villas and apartments

The countryside doesn’t get much prettier and photogenic than on the Italian peninsula. There is great variety between the valleys by the northern lakes of Como, Garda, Maggiore and the hills of Umbria with its medieval hilltop towns, vineyards, sunflower fields and olive groves. In the southern regions of Naples, Pompeii, and Sorrento,  NOVASOL also offers a vast array of homes, as well as holiday lettings in Campania where holidaymakers will be ably to enjoy the ancient ruins, admire Mount Vesuvius whilst also relax on the beautiful beaches surrounded by dramatic cliffs.

Holiday rentals in Tuscany

This region is undoubtedly a firm favourite among holidaymakers worldwide. This part of the country is simply remarkable, has a fantastic climate and beautiful sights, as well as food and wine that are world-renowned.  With over 1,500 villas in Tuscany you can find your ideal starting point to visit the cities of Siena, Florence, Pisa and San Gimignano, just to name a few. We also recommend taking full advantage of your holiday home by relaxing near the pool or preparing a lovely dinner ‘al fresco’ on the BBQ.  There are also plenty of activities available for those who enjoy a more active holiday, as in Tuscany you a never far from a hiking path, cycling route or horse riding school.

Italy self-catering

Holiday rentals in Lazio

With well over 1,000 holiday homes and apartments in the Lazio region of Italy, NOVASOL will most certainly have the self-catering accommodation that meets your exacting standards. This beautiful part of Italy has plenty to offer whether you wish to explore Italy’s capital city of Rome, or to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the slower pace of life in the countryside. We recommend visiting Lake Bracciano, a great family friendly destination that offers a vast array of water-based activities such as motor-boating, water-skiing, sailing and windsurfing.

Italian Cuisine

Amongst one of the main draws to Italy is the incredible cuisine. Fresh produce, traditional recipes and family mealtimes are sacred across the country, bringing people together in an almost ritualistic worship of bold, punchy and ultimately classic Italian flavours. Italian cuisine still rather regional – you’ll find that the northern regions cook more with rice and polenta, stuffed pasta and beef, veal, and pork. Dried pasta, vegetable soups and lamb or goat dishes are more prevalent in the south. Of course each region, city and town claims its own specialty – delicious balsamic vinegar in Modena, pizza like no other in Naples, bright and zesty citrus fruit on the Amalfi Coast.

Family Holidays in Italy

When it comes to thinking about a perfect holiday, Italy often seems to be the best choice as it has a lot to offer. It has mountains and lakes in the north, peaceful nature close to our villas in Tuscany, sunny beaches, a crystal clear blue sea, and cities full of history. Many of our holiday homes in Italy are part of former farm complexes that have been completely renovated to suit the needs of the modern family. Here parents will be able to find a fantastic compromise between privacy and independent travelling while still enabling their children to explore the grounds securely and meet friends. NOVASOL have over 2,500 holiday homes and apartments with pool which will entertain guests both young and old.

Self-catering in Italy

Activities in Italy

Italy is country steeped in history with many Roman monuments still towering over its landscape. It also boasts a great number of water-based activities, shopping opportunities and natural parks. The destination is incredibly versatile with plenty of things to do, perfect for a self-catering holiday with family, friends, or a partner. If you enjoy the finer things in life, flavoursome wines and delicious food you will be delighted by the excellent produce and local specialities that you will be able sample in the local restaurants. A trip to the local supermarket will be an experience in itself, as the selection of prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, fresh hand-made pizza, fruit and vegetables will turn a chore into an exciting and enjoyable outing. 

Things to see in Italy

Discover a country full of history, culture, amazing Italian cuisine, charming festivals and of course the most aromatic wines. The county offers an endless list of places to see but let us make some recommendations for you; experience the open-air museum feeling when strolling through the breath-taking city of Rome, the elegance and natural beauty of Florence, and the Piazza del Campo in the city of Siena. Should you have the chance to be there on the 2nd July or 16th August do not miss the famous Palio race. Another bucket-list item on your Italian holiday list ought to be Carnival, which is not only celebrated in Venice, but also in Viareggio (Tuscany), Ivrea (Piedmont) and Acireale in Sicily.

Villas in Italy


Whether you are looking to lose yourself in the winding streets of the Eternal City, or to have an active adventure in the green heart of Italy, book an italian villa holiday with NOVASOL and discover why this is one of the best loved destinations in the whole world. NOVASOL Holiday Homes have a huge range of holiday homes, villas and apartments to ensure you have an unforgettable stay.