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Central Italy is full of amazing World Heritage Sites, beautiful buildings, archaeological ruins, supreme architecture and staggering nature. If you are interested in history, art, culture or nature, rent apartments in Italy and prepare to be amazed by the number of sights and activities that will be available to you. For example, visit the town of Tivoli. Although the name has become synonymous with Tivoli amusement park, there is so much more to offer. UNESCO has declared two Roman villas as World Heritage Sites here. Book your holiday lettings and be enchanted by their incredible history and magnificence!

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The Villa Adriana was built in 117 AD as a summer home for Emperor Hadrian. The starting point was the property of his wife Vibia Sabina on the Monti Tiburtini in Rome, near which there was both plentiful drinking water as well as a thermal water source. Visit this beautiful place whilst you stay at villas Italy! The Emperor rebuilt numerous buildings and landscapes on more than 120 hectares of countryside that he had seen on his travels in Greece and Egypt. After the fall of Rome, the facility was looted and then extensively renovated in the 19th century. Today the villa is the most important ancient Roman villa in the country and rightly a World Heritage Site. See for yourself when you go on villa holidays Italy.

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Different but equally overwhelming is the baroque splendour of the UNESCO-protected Villa d 'Este in Rome. Enjoy the marvels of 16th century during your villa holidays Italy! The villa based on Hadrian’s villa and was given by the governor of Tivoli to Cardinal Ippolito d 'Este II. Marvel at the magnificent fountains, grottos and water features, patios and paths in the garden, which later became a much-copied model for many European gardens. With the design of the rooms in the palace, the client commissioned the great artists of his time. Compare your own unique cottages with this World Heritage Site!