Pinnochio Park

Birthplace of Pinnochio - Villas Italy

About twenty kilometres northeast of Lucca is the small municipality of Collodi. This was the birthplace of Carlo Lorenzini, a writer who called himself Carlo Collodi and was the inventor of the most famous puppet in all of history: Pinocchio! Perhaps take along the book or film The Adventures of Pinocchio on your family holidays, so the story can come alive for your children! This is such a well-known story worldwide, that a Pinnochio Park was built in memory of the author. Rent Tuscany villas and discover magical sculptures, mosaics, caves and vintage carnival rides in this themed park.

Opening times whilst on villa holidays Italy

The park is open November 2nd to February 28th from 10 am to sunset. As of March 1 to November 1, the Park opens daily from 8:30 am until sunset and offers some splendid surprises for your entertainment. Pinocchio invites everyone for a whole day to come whilst they rent Tuscany villas and see the magic of his story. Admission for children is 8 Euros, adults pay 11 Euro. In the neighborhood there is also the Butterfly House and the Garzoni Garden. Combined tickets for all three institutions during vacations with rental Tuscany cost 16 or 20 euros (2014)

Learn about the park on your villa holidays Italy

The system was created in the 50s by artists, so that buildings and sculptures not only explain the episodes of the individual adventures of Pinocchio along the way, but also make the tour a special art experience. Whilst self-catering Italy, children and adults even have the opportunity also to carve their own wooden doll at the end! Among the trees behind the park are vintage carousels, where you can end the tour on a high note. Take in this world of fantasy by your unique cottages, in the park where the world of Pinnochio can be rediscovered. Attractions such as Labyrinth, gallery, playground invite people of all ages join in whilst self-catering Italy – so don’t miss out on the fun!

Theatrical displays on your family holiday

Of course a puppet themed park would incorporate entertaining performances to bring this well-known tale to life. In the morning at the small theatre in the park there are usually puppet performances and demonstrations with minstrels and other entertainers. Do not miss holidays with your children in villas in Tuscany!

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