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In 2013, UNESCO declared twelve villas and two gardens of the total 27 villas belonging to the Medici family in Tuscany a World Heritage Site. Make your Tuscany villas the starting point of an incredible tour of the Medici villas and gardens, learning about history, architecture and the enormous influence of the Medici family on European art and culture. Use your holiday lettings as a base to explore these wonderful buildings constructed between the 15th and 17th centuries. Although, you don’t have to be a budding historian to appreciate their beauty, relax in the gardens and take in their aesthetically pleasing nature.

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History of the Medici at your Tuscan villas

The young patrician Medici family made it into the difficult 15th century, when the city of Florence was shaken due to the war crisis and had to survive famines, natural disasters and the plague. Read more about the rise and the history of the Medici at your holiday villas in Italy, who achieved their fortune as bankers to the Pope and as merchants. In 1434 they took over the power in Florence and for the following 300 years continued without any large interruption. Through politically strategised marriages, they gained great influence throughout Tuscany and presented several popes. Rent Italian country cottages and see traces of their history throughout Tuscany!

Tuscany villas

Tuscany villas of the Medici

The World Heritage Site by UNESCO declared villas and pleasure gardens of the Medici, the villa Careggi, La Petraia, Cerreto Guidi, Castello and Poggio Imperiale in Florence, Villa Belcanto in Fiesole, Villa Poggio in Caiano in Prato, Villa La Màgia in Quarrata in Pistoia, Villa Artimino in Carmignano in Prato, Villa Cafaggiolo in Barberino di Mugello, Villa Trebbio in San Pietro a Sieve and the Palazzo Seravezza Lucca. The two gardens of World Heritage of UNESCO are Boboli in Florence, Pratolino Demidoff in Vaglia near Florence. Nature lovers at holiday villas in Italy can discover here the perfect example of an Italian garden.

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Medici history and Italian country cottages

As patrons of the arts, the Medici also promoted artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci or Botticelli, leaving them free hand and prepared the ground for a new art era, the Renaissance. The Medici were ahead of their time and most other residences in the country with their villas. On your cheap family holidays, notice that they built no castles as the former nobility but beautiful and cosy houses. Architecture and gardens they could adapt in an exemplary way of nature and many holiday homes in Tuscany or or even Rome or Sardinia villas borrow the aesthetics of the Medici villas to the present day.