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Tuscany has a deep, rich and varied history – before even the Romans settled, came the Etruscans and their knowledge of natural homeopathic cures. Rent villas in Italy to discover the medicinal properties of many Tuscan resources, which have been used for centuries to treat a range of ailments. Use of vegetables, herbs, flowers and minerals was extensive and well-documented throughout history. Many of these healing elements are still thought to have positive effects on the body and are widely grown throughout Tuscany. Perhaps try learning some more about plants with medicinal properties growing near your villas or apartments in Italy.

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Visit hot springs from your direct holiday homes

If you don’t rent cottages with hot tubs from NOVASOL, no problem! You can visit the Montecatini Terme baths, which are situated between Florence and the sea. Eight lovely hot springs make this place a well-known spa town. Rent your Italian villas nearby to experience the relaxation and positive physical effects of these baths. It is claimed that taking a dip in these baths is good for skin conditions, cardiovascular and metabolic issues. The water is even meant to cure diseases of the stomach, liver and gall bladder if you drink it.

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Italian villas near Saturnia

In the Maremma, a hotel was built in Saturnia directly by the thermal spring whose resorts are also open to visitors renting villas in Italy rather than staying at the hotel. The thermal water comes from the slopes of Mount Amiata, accumulates underground with sulfur and, after 30 kilometres arrives the surface at 52 degrees. These waters and the warm air that come with them are rich in calcium, magnesium and sulphur bicarbonate. Bathing here is therefore believed to be especially good for skin conditions, respiratory disorders as well as joint and bone problems. With a wild river running nearby, this is an altogether more natural experience than baths you may find near Rome apartments.

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Enjoy long walks from your country cottages

The fresh air of the Tuscan countryside has to be the most reputed natural cure in this part of Italy. After using the hot baths to the south of Siena and Arezzo in Chianciano Terme, or the Casciana Terme in the hinterland of Pisa, take a stroll in nature away from your apartments in Italy and find yourself relaxed and invigorated. Vineyards can often be found amidst the natural splendour of Tuscany. Why not indulge in a glass of wine after your spa trip, as wine has also been claimed as having healing properties since Etruscan times! For attractive alternatives, see our villas in Sicily or Venice!