Holiday lettings Italy I Visit great cultural events

The region of Campania has a lot to offer. It hosts the best cultural events, has numerous historical excavations, wonderful nature that is well protected by national parks and spectacular monuments that hold great historical significance. Campania has a lot more attractions which is why NOVASOL has plenty of holiday lettings Italy. You can select any of our properties and plan your holiday to this part of the world. While you are in Campania, you should take a tour to the excavations in Pompeii and Herculaneum that has preserved its Roman cities. It will give you an insight about the day to day life of the Romans who lived here in the 1st century BC. Then there is the Amalfi Coast, which is UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. The beauty of this place can be best admired by boat. During the summer, you have to wait in a queue in order to hire a boat and explore this coast. The total area of this region is 100,000 ha that stretches from Tyrrhenian Coast to the foot of Neapolitan Apennine Mountains. NOVASOL self-catering Italy holiday homes are present in all these areas, so that you can easily reach your point of interests within no time.

Family villas in Italy close to Palazzo Reale

The Royal Palace in Caserta also known as Palazzo Reale or Versailles of Naples will let history revive. Here, you can marvel at the olden architecture and ancient remains. The excavations in Velia are also very interesting. You can see how the early man lived and look at his activities of those times. The Capri island is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Campania. Thousands of tourists flock to this island every year only to get some glimpses of the beach. It is a perfect combination of sun and sand where you can relax all day and enjoy your sun bath. It is ideal for one-day trips, so matter where you stay in our villas in Italy you can easily reach the Capri island by car.

Comfortable holiday rentals Italy

NOVASOL holiday rentals Italy are designed keeping in mind your needs and requirements. We have forty years of expertise in organising and maintaining Italy villas and therefore are quite confident about our properties and selection. If you come to us during the summer, you can enjoy the famous Sorrento music festival that is held from July to August. Santiero Degli Dei, also called The Gods’ Path is a wonderful experience for trekking fans. It has some breathtaking views and fascinating nature. Book any of our properties today and look forward to the best holiday of your life. See you in Campania.