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Iceland is a fascinatingly unique place and the ideal destination for those in search of adventure in stunning surroundings during their self-catering holidays in Europe. It is an island in the North Atlantic, just south of the Arctic an a three-hour flight away from the UK. This isolation from the rest of Europe has meant that Iceland has developed a truly individual culture and identity for you to experience whilst self-catering Iceland. Iceland attracts more and more visitors each year yet it is still totally unspoilt and pristine; it really is the perfect holiday destination for those who want to lose themselves in beauty and serenity whilst renting our Iceland accommodation and immerse themselves in a one of a kind culture, cuisine and history.

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Self-catering Iceland with NOVASOL

The island is home to only around 336 thousand inhabitants, but this does not mean that the country is short of Icelandic tradition or cultural experiences that you will the opportunity to enjoy during your stay in our self-catering Iceland accommodation. The first thing that springs to most peoples' minds when thinking about Iceland is probably the thermal swimming pool of the Blue Lagoon in the volcanic rock at Grindavík, geysers, glaciers and untouched landscapes in the Europe's most sparsely populated country...but there is more to Icelandic culture than meets the eye!

Holiday homes in Iceland - nature and culture

Iceland has more to offer its visitors than natural beauty alone. Choose your Iceland accommodation today and explore the country which has inspired artists from around the world for centuries. The country is also said to have one of the healthiest diets in the world - so you can enjoy sampling the fresh and tasty Icelandic cuisine during your stay in any of our self-catering Iceland holiday homes! Iceland is now a modern, forward-thinking country which is open to other nations and home to the hip city of Reykjavík.

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Discover the Icelandic culture during your holiday in one of our options for holiday accommodation in Iceland, which includes Iceland holiday apartments. The culture of this fascinating country is relatively unknown when compared to other European self-catering holiday destinations, so you will really have the chance for new and meaningful experiences. Iceland has a rich and well-known literary history, which produced the famous medieval 'sagas' and made a name for Nordic literature. The country also has a long tradition of crafts such as wood-carving, weaving and silver-smithing.

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The people of Iceland are known for their prose and poetry and have one of the highest literacy rates in the world and a widespread love of all manner of intellectual pursuits, including art, literature and chess. This means that Iceland is truly the destination for self-catering holidays in Europe that has it all - from the beauty and majesty of the geysers and glaciers which inspired the writers to cultural attractions such as museums, artistic sculptures and a number of unique Iceland cultural events; such as the brilliant Reykjavík Art Festival, the Icelandic Folk Festival and the unforgettable 'Thorrablot'!

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The country is liberal - which is the case with most countries in Scandinavia in which NOVASOL offers holiday homes in Northern Europe. They are also fiercely independent people who place great importance in being self-sufficient. The Icelanders are very proud of their Viking heritage and of the history of Iceland as a whole. A stay in our self-catering Iceland accommodation is the perfect way to immerse yourself not only in the culture but also in the fascinating history and tradtional cuisine of this enchanting country. From its folklore to modern music festivals; from wide open spaces to its young and vibrant capital self-catering holidays in Iceland have something to offer everyone.