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Iceland accommodation

Discover Iceland - self-catering Iceland accommodation

Self-catering holidays in Iceland are surely the perfect way to slow down, forget about everyday life and simply relax whilst immersing yourself in the fantastic scenery, history and culture of Iceland during your stay in one of our hand-picked holiday homes. In Iceland, you can get closer to nature than just about anywhere else in Europe; get up close to active volcanoes or visit the biggest Geyser in Europe. During your stay in our Iceland accommodation you will have the chance to breathe in the country's fresh, clean air, watch the many beautiful wild horses and get to know the friendly and hospitable locals; all whilst enjoying the comfort and privacy of your own holiday homes in Iceland! Iceland is the perfect holiday destination for nature lovers and people looking for calm, reviving holidays - a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life as well mass tourism.

Iceland accommodation

Adventure awaits - self-catering Iceland

At NOVASOL we have a constantly evolving and growing portfolio of self-catering holiday homes in Northern Europe, in countries such as Denmark Sweden and Norway, with a lovely selection of holiday accommodation in Iceland. Iceland is a fascinating and unique country in the European region of Scandinavia. Only around 3 hours flight time from the UK but you are sure to find yourself transported to another, more magical world when you choose your Iceland accommodation from NOVASOL. Iceland is an island nation, characterised by its many volcanoes, steaming hot geysers and hot springs as well as enormous glaciers; the most famous of which being the Vatnajӧkull Glacier. It is this unique combination of natural phenomena that have given Iceland is name as the ‘Land of fire and ice’!

Natural beauty meets captivating cities in Iceland

As well as this abundance of stunning natural beauty, Iceland is becoming recognised as a cosmopolitan country. Iceland's capital city of Reykjavik - the world's most northerly capital - rivals many other European cities when it comes to cultural offerings to enjoy during your stay in one of our lovely self-catering holiday homes. If you decide to spend some of your time self-catering Iceland in Reykjavik, then you will be able to enjoy the city's flourishing art, cultural and musical scene. This diverse and captivating place is the perfect destination for varied self-catering holidays in Northern Europe; for a day trip, weekends or longer - you are sure to find something to fall in love with.

Self-catering Iceland

Iceland holiday homes

Year after year, curious and adventurous tourists are drawn to this spectacular country in search of something new – why not join them and browse our range of holiday homes in Iceland today? Our accommodation Iceland is becoming more and more popular and all of our self-catering holiday homes are well-equipped, have unique interior designs and a decorative style typical of the region. We have a range of accommodation in the country which includes holiday cottages and Icelandic apartments. They are located close to the island’s beautiful volcanoes, forests and mountains - which makes it easy to plan your own excursions and activities in Iceland or to take part in one of numerous organised tours.

Self-catering Iceland with NOVASOL

As you will discover during your self-catering Iceland holiday, each region of Iceland looks very different and has its own characteristics. However, all parts of the island have one thing in common – the unique lava fields that are spread all over the country. Many holiday makers return to Iceland again and again to continue their journey of discovery in this remarkable country, all whilst enjoying the comfort of their privately owned holiday homes by NOVASOL. Of course, one of the most famous and visited attractions in Iceland is the splendid Blue Lagoon. This geothermal spa, located in one of these characteristic lave fields in Grindavik, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a well earned break and the many benefits of the warm and healing waters during your stay in self-catering Iceland accommodation.


Things to do whilst self-catering Iceland

Despite being the most sparsely populated country in Europe, Iceland offers a rich and varied programme of activities for visitors and locals to enjoy. One of the most popular activities, which we would highly recommend you partake in during your stay in one of our self-catering holiday homes in Iceland, is horseriding. Whether you are an experienced horse rider or just a beginner, there are tours for every level and age group; there is surely no better way to truly make the most of the breath-taking and beautiful landscapes of Iceland. Self-catering Iceland also offers the opportunity for some excellent fishing, whale watching, traversing great hiking trails as well as a chance to see the incredible Northern Lights.