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Low mountains and fertile valleys make up the landscape of Vertes and Tata in Poland. For those who are looking for a different type of holiday in Europe, a visit to this historically and culturally significant area with fantastic lakes offers ample rewards. Check out all the apartments Hungary has to offer in this beautiful part of the country with NOVASOL's extensive listings.

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Incredible landscapes to be explored

Explore the deep caves in the region during your summer holidays, where traces of prehistoric civilisation can be found. Archeologists have uncovered the remains of human bodies that are over 50,000 years old, as well as the skeletal remains of horses that are over 10 million years old! Feeling intrigued? We have fantastic deals for accommodation in Hungary and cheap holidays abroad to Tata available now.

Finish your summer holiday trip with a visit to the Museum of German Nationality in Nepomucénském. The museum documents the past and present cultures of ethnic minorities in Hungary, with a particular focus on Germans. This is a great way to finish off your cheap holiday to Hungary and to learn more about the communities that have helped develop this vibrant area and Hungarian history as a whole.

Vertes houses the romantic ruins of its local castle, nestled into the rocky hills of a conservation area. Become archeologists on your family holiday as you climb the ruins and imagine the people that once inhabited its halls. The most beautiful plants grow in the Fani Valley and upon the meadows of Irtás flowers are speckled in technicolour glory. Take in the sights, smells and sounds of this glorious countryside on a walking holiday in the region.Take your camera along on the journey and keep an eye out for the quaint farmhouses of Vérteskozma for some truly sublime snaps. Alternatively see our Lake Balaton accommodation.

Elsewhere in the area, the bauxite mines at Ganter make craters in the landscape akin to the surface of the moon. Formidable rock formations stand out in some places, making the place seem as if it is scattered with ruins. From here, take the three kilometre nature trail through the mountain valley, admiring its vast geological and botanical diversity as you wind your way to the Haraszti valley. If you can’t bear to be away from your beloved pooch, take your furry friend along with you - we have plenty of pet friendly cottages in hungary - even Budapest apartments - so Fido doesn’t have to miss out on the fun of these panoramic walks. Rent a unique cottage nearby and wake up to the sound of birds chirping merrily as you get ready for walkies.

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Natural Reserves and Lakes

The old lake of Öre is given life by the Atal Creek and was used during the Middle Ages for fish farming. However, the lake is not suitable for fishing holidays as it is now a nature reserve and fishing is prohibited. However, if visiting for a summer holiday, you can still catch the ferry from the pier near the front of the castle, which takes visitors on a relaxing journey up to the opposite bank of the city. There are still plenty of things to do in Hungary. You can also go across the lake via boat or swimming, as there are a range of watersports available too. Alternatively, catch the train that runs silently around the lake’s perimeter through an electric narrow-gauge railway. Unique cottages can be found along the lakeside, so contact NOVASOL if you’d like a holiday letting with a lakeside view.

For a holiday lettings in paradise, why not rent a villa in Vody Town? The area is famous for its many lakes and springs and is a favourite resort for the Hungarian Royal family. For family holidays abroad, make like the royals and feel utterly relaxed at this noble estate.

By the shores of Lake Öreg a stands an imposing stately mansion in the Gothic style, which was originally used as a hunting lodge. Within the stately home you will find the interesting Museum of Kuny Domokos, which is rich in its archeological, naturalist and folklore collections. The museum also exhibits finds from the Roman era and the Medieval ages, as well as documents about the history of the city. Accommodation in Hungary is still available for the summer, so why wait to book?

 If you fancy a walking holiday, check out the protected area of Calvary Hill and its nearby protected natural reserves. The Calvary Hill site includes an open quarry where you can marvel at multicolored fossils of old mussels and snails from the Mesozoic era. At one of these sites, Neanderthal flint was discovered, so keep your eyes peeled! If you want to rent a country cottage in the area, this is a great place to keep in mind when booking.

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NOVASOL specialises in high-quality holiday lettings across Europe. All the self-catered apartments and villas we offer are conveniently located and fully equipped, including villas with pools and dedacedent cottages with hot tubs! So be it an adventure holiday, a fishing holiday or a walking holiday, NOVASOL is sure to find you the perfect apartments in Hungary. For holidays abroad in Europe, book with confidence through our secure website or give our advisers a call to find out what the best deals are for you.