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Explore Pécs on your Hungarian adventure

Considering a holiday to Hungary? Pécs is a wonderful choice if you are looking for somewhere off the beaten track for your holidays in Europe. The fifth largest city in Hungary, we highly recommend a holiday letting to this intriguing destination. Many travellers rank Pécs as second only to Budapest in Hungary. Give this intriguing city a go, renting self-catering accommodation in Hungary to give you the independence to live like a real Hungarian!

Apartments in Hungary

Pécs - Past and Present

Pécs is an ancient region, nestled in the stretch of land between the Danube and the Drava river that runs along the southern border.The rivers have nourished this fertile valley, where pristine forests lead out unto wide green plains and rolling hills. It is no wonder then that Pecs was once the southern part of the thriving Roman province of Pannonia. It’s pretty woodland make it a great spot for forest holidays, whilst also being in an excellent position for a day trip to Lake Balaton.

Today, Pecs is at the touristic centre of the Northern Great Southern Transdanubia region. It’s pleasant climate and deliciously clean air leave you feeling revived - but it's not just for these reasons that people rent apartments in Hungary in this mesmerising place.Indeed, there’s so many reasons natural and cultural highlights it’s hard to decide what to do when you are there!

Setting out from your self-catering holiday apartment, stroll down the avenues hearing the chatter of local people as they go about their day and taking in the interesting architecture. You can typically even admire your own holiday rental, as unique cottages abound in this city of exquisite architecture. Here, you’ll find architectural treasures from throughout Hungarian history and ancient styles from Celtic to the communist era. As you meander through the town, you’ll see Romanesque cathedrals and medieval squares, mosques left as a reminder of the Turkish Occupation, as well as dramatic baroque houses and palaces! The castle of Pécsvárad and museum is also a good example of 11th Century architecture and has a restaurant on the grounds.

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Things to see and do in Pécs

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Pécs is one of the oldest churches in Hungary, its foundations believed to have been laid in the fourth century. The Cathedral is exquisitely decorated with elaborate mosaics. Light a candle in the hushed cathedral before stepping out into the graveyard, where you can see Roman tombs at this UNESCO World Heritage site. Get up early and pack yourself a picnic in your apartments in Hungary, before you head out to explore what is a must see site for your holiday in Pécs.

Pécs is also well known for being a city of art and of Hungarian culture. A previous ‘European Capital of Culture’, everywhere in Pécs can you feel the vibrancy of the city and is a cheap holiday abroad compared to many of the other previous cities of the ‘Culture Capital’ prestige. Around the city you’ll see arty little curios here and there, as well as ample monuments and statues. Spotting the art hidden in plain sight can be a fun game to play with children on your family holiday, or even for the discerning art lover!  Alternatively, head to Kapsovar where you can discover the history of Buszák, one of the area’s most celebrated folk artists. We have holiday lettings that are well-placed to visit Kapsovar by car or foot. Whilst in Hungary, why not split up your summer holiday with a short mini-trip to Lake Balaton? Although just a short 2 hour drive away from Pécs, you’ll find so many lovely things to do there you might want to book some Lake Balaton accommodation so you find time to do it all. The Balaton Uplands national park is a pleasing walk and an opportune place to take nature photos, or else head to the lake itself to partake in some water-based activities.

The four artificial lakes of Orfű are a watery paradise that are great for swimming and fishing; these are very popular during the spring and summer holidays.There is a decent sized beach, plenty of water-sports, fishing and angling, as well as lakes containing protected fish species collected by Hungarian zoologist Hermann Ottó. In addition, holidaymakers can choose to hike, cycle or even horse-ride along the coasts of the Orfu lakesides. Also in the  Orfű area is a 19th Century watermill, where you can see a flat miller, tower and oil mill. If you’d like to visit the lakes this summer, NOVASOL has plenty of last minutes cottage deals for accommodation in Hungary!

Apartments Hungary

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