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Holiday in the holiday house at Lake Neusiedl

On Lake Neusiedl you can enjoy a holiday home vacation perfect for families and friends alike. Because of the shallow depth of the lake and mild climate, it is the perfect environment for a fun-filled stay. Escape the stress and the hustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the world of well-being with a holiday home on Lake Neusiedl. Your accommodation in Hungary can help you explore the peaceful and attractive Lake Neusiedl.

Accommodation in Hungary

Flora and Fauna in Lake Neusiedl

Here you can enjoy ultimate water bathing pleasure, the company of over 350 bird species, picturesque vineyards, educational nature trails and a medieval fire tower for special views. You can experience this unique region in western Hungary without any borders. The Fertő area hides its charms in front of the inexperienced visitor – it only reveals itself to the ones who know it.

Crossing cultural boundaries

The unique lake Fertő area does not have any limits when it comes to water bathing or natural experiences. Not only did the Iron Curtain run through the lake, but also it opened for the first time, so this region has become a worldwide symbol of freedom ever since 1989. Rent one of our lakeside apartments in Hungary and feel the same freedom on your self-catering holidays. You can even look into our villas in Austria, which are also near Lake Neusiedl.

Enjoying nature at lake Fertő

Not only history was written at lake Fertő, but it was also Hungary's first national border park ever established. In the 300km²-protected area, which has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001, you will find extensive meadows and pastures, salt lakes, reeds and a rich abundance of animal and plant species. The Csapody István Natural and Visitor Center in Fertőújlak offers a good starting point, where you can not only interact with the National Park, but also get more intimate and spend the night. You can enjoy canoe trips through the reeds or hike on six natural trails along the salt lakes so you can experience your surroundings in all its forms.

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Boat trips in the area

You can embark on boat excursions from Fertőrákos, where you will travel to the limestone quarries in the beautiful villages. The excursions can also be combined with horse-drawn carriage rides, wine tasting and culinary delights. Enjoy numerous buffets and restaurants that pamper their sun-drenched guests directly on the water. And if you want to go further, there are canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, rowing boats and even sailing boats available for rent near your apartments in Hungary.

Musical history - Accommodation in Hungary

Once, Neusiedler See was much larger and was surrounded by massive wetlands. South of the lake, Prince Miklós Eszterházy, a Hungarian Versailles, was built in the 18th century. The magnificent Baroque castle in today's Fertőd was very impressive to Empress Maria Theresia, and after her visit in 1773, she praised the high quality of opera performances of Joseph Haydn."If I want to see a good opera, I will go to Eszterháza," said the monarch.

The beautiful Eszterházy Castle, with its magnificent park, was known throughout Europe for its outstanding musical life in the 18th century. The world-renowned Joseph Haydn worked for about 25 years as a court composer. 

The bicycle trail here will take you 25 kilometres further to Sopron, where the 19th century world-famous musician Franz Liszt gave his first concert in 1820 at just nine years old. What an impressive place to learn about Hungarian culture!

Modern culture and traditions in Lake Neusiedl

And modern times in Neusiedler See, you wonder? Every spring, Joseph Haydn’s music is played at the traditional Liszt Festival. Sopron is not only the capital of this region, but also the Hungarian town with the most historic buildings after Budapest, with the picturesque old town fire tower dominating the skyline. If you have rented Budapest apartments in the past and would like to try something different, check out the full range of architectural delights in Sopron.

Neusiedl Lake offers you an impressive view over the medieval roof landscapes and vineyards. You can taste the best Hungarian cuisine, including a homemade stew in the 300-year-old wine cellar in the Sopron House of Wines. In the sun-drenched triangle between Sopron, Balf and Fertőrákos, several winemakers offer the tasting of their vine juices.

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Service - Why NOVASOL?

There is nothing to be missed in this atmospheric city! From family-friendly amenities to thrill-seeking activities to relaxing spas and vineyards, a holiday home in Neusiedler See is the perfect place for you. Select from a fantastic array of accommodation in Hungary on the beautiful Lake Neusiedl and book online safely and securely with the NOVASOL website regardless of time or day of the week.