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Holiday Lettings in Mátra - Accommodation in Hungary

Want to explore Hungary for your next self-catering holidays but keen to do something off the beaten track? Leave the conventional destination of Budapest holiday apartments behind and hire your very own country cottage in the beautiful rural landscapes of the Mátra nature reserve region.  There are so many things to do and see whilst staying in this enchanting region of Hungary that you will surely not be bored.

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Self-catering accommodation in Hungary - Mátra

In Mátra, you will be enchanted by the region’s mythical streams and unusual rock formations. The area has been formed and shaped over thousands of years by the rivers that run through it.Head to the resort of Kékestető, the highest in Hungary, during your stay in our accommodation in Hungary to admire its handiwork and mighty power from above. The area is best visited in the summer holidays, where the sun illuminates the valleys and makes the dark caves below seem even more foreboding!

Soothing spa holidays - holiday accommodation in Hungary

Spend your holidays in one of our hand-picked accommodation in Hungary options in this intriguing region and feel truly relaxed as you enjoy your escape from day to day life.Just outside this area you will find the Parad Parádsasvár spa. Here the water is alkaline, rich in carbon dioxide and has a very identifiable smell of sulfur. Another interesting spa is that of  Bükkszék, which flows from mountains speckled with beech trees - the hot water flows from a depth of 517 km and has one of the highest concentration of minerals of Hungarian spas.

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Unique experiences from our accommodation in Hungary

Another site which is definitely worth a visit during your self-catering holidays in Hungary is the Baradla cave near the village Aggtelek, which is one of the many caves and corridors reaching up to Slovakia (Domica cave). Here you can catch a show at the concert hall that was created in the caves. Including an event into a cheap family holiday is a good way to bring variety and inject a little culture into your to your holidays in Europe.

Highly Recommended: Holiday Lettings near Lillafüred

Lillafüred is the name of a mysterious and expansive forest lake. This deserted lake can be found 12 km west of the big city Miskolc, in the valley of the mountain river Garadna. On the lakes of the 3-Star Hotel Palota can be found upon the banks of the lake; visit during your summer holidays in our accommodation in Hungary to enjoy an ice-cream as you the visit the beautiful neo-classical palace. If you like active or hiking holidays, you will really enjoy wandering and wondering at the lush greenery around the lake. Head up to the cave of St Anne, where you can see interesting fossils and marvel at the majestic crashing of Hungary’s largest waterfall.

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Get your hiking boots on - active holidays in Hungary

Leisure activities abound along the Bükk mountain range. By car or bicycle,take the mountain road for your first experience of the mountain’s incredible vistas. Several places have great hiking trails so are excellent for hiking holidays - pack yourself a lunch in the morning at your self-catering apartment or holiday home for you to enjoy at the mountaintop.  The mountains also have plenty of quaint regional restaurants for you to happen upon during your journey, where you can enjoy an authentic taste of the delicious and heart-warming Hungarian cuisine and the fresh and tasty culinary delights of the mountain region.

Activity for the whole family - accommodation in Hungary

During your holidays in our range of accommodation in Hungary you will find that there is no shortage of beautiful natural areas to explore.  If you want to get everyone active on your family holiday, there are plenty of routes of varying difficulties for your hiking holidays. Some only take 2-3 hours and are enough for you to work up an appetite before you stop at one of the many eateries along the way.  Marvel at the wondrous natural beauty of the National Parks and find a shady spot in which to enjoy your lunch. 

Holiday accommodation in Hungary - why choose NOVASOL?

Whatever you choose to do during your holiday in Hungary; whether you want to learn more about the Hungarian history, taste the cuisine or immerse yourself in the culture, make sure you choose NOVASOL for your next self-catering holidays in Europe.  We have hundreds of fantastic holiday rentals that are suitable for both an affordable or a more luxurious getaway with family, friends or your partner.  You can rest assured that no matter where your choose you accommodation in Hungary, a NOVASOL representative will have visited the property personally.  So, why wait?  Book your holiday home with NOVASOL today!

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