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Hungary has been one of the most popular destinations in Europe for many years and for a good reason. In addition to the many magical cities and numerous cultural possibilities, you will find a breath-taking and exceptionally beautiful landscape in your holiday in Hungary, where you will experience unforgettable holidays. NOVASOL can offer you a variety of attractive and comfortable holiday accommodation in Hungary, where you can spend your break in peace. Our holiday homes are very affordable if you’re looking for a cheap holiday abroad.

Accommodation in Hungary


A particularly beautiful holiday destination in Hungary is Lake Tisza in the Puszta, which is the second-largest lake in Hungary after Lake Balaton. The lake has been artificially developed by the Tisza, and has developed into a truly magical place with its 16 small islands and huge coves. Many endangered animals and plants have found a safe home here on Lake Tisza and there are more than 50 different species of fish swimming in the water. Beavers and otters have an ideal retreat on Lake Tisza and the 50 different types of water lilies form the largest collection in Europe. Rent your holiday home in Hungary on Lake Tisza and experience these unique natural games.

Lake Tisza, a true holiday paradise

On Lake Tisza you can enjoy your holiday amidst the most beautiful nature and enjoy a rich flora and fauna. Our NOVASOL apartments on Lake Tisza are in the best location, make the ideal starting point for numerous excursions and activities and guarantee your unforgettable holiday in Hungary. Enjoy the breath taking panorama of the lake on the terrace in your holiday home or spend relaxing days on the long sandy beaches during swimming, sunbathing, sailing, windsurfing or water skiing. Although equally beautiful, you wont get this level of nature with Budapest apartments and city breaks.

Hortobági National Park

Part of Lake Tisza belongs to Hortobági National Park. Founded in 1973, it is the largest and oldest national park in Hungary and protected by the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 1999. The Hortobági region was also recognized as "Hungary's best tradition-conscious destination in 2008". The Hortobági National Park covers an area of ​​more than 820 km². There are meadows, pastures and dried wetlands as far as the eye can see. But it’s not only the beautiful natural landscapes will impress you in your holiday in Hungary on Lake Tisza - the traditional villages give an insight into the life of the artisans and the culture of this region.

Accommodation in Hungary

Fishing holiday on Lake Tisza in Hungary

For lovers of the sea the lake Tisza is a true paradise and offers a holiday directly at the lake to easily get to many quiet fishing spots. The rivers, irrigation canals and marsh forests promise a beautiful fishing adventure. On the 1.5 km-long water promenade of Lake Tisza you’ll be able to observe the fantastic bird life and see herons, storks, eagles and many more up close. In addition, you can take wonderful walks on the 44 hiking trails. Alternatively check out our Lake Balaton accommodation.


The city of Tiszafüred is famous for its medicinal waters, which spouts from a depth of 1,150 m and with 81 degrees Celsius. If you find yourself in the region, you should also make a visit the museum of the city in your holiday in Hungary. The Pál-Kiss-Museum is the oldest museum in Hungary, which is housed in a magnificent manor house, you can learn about the everyday life of the fishermen and marvel at the pottery of local artists and Hungarian culture. Please be aware that the museum is closed on Mondays.


A very special tourist attraction awaits you in Poroszló. The eco-centre with the largest fresh water aquarium in Europe attracts many tourists every year since its opening in 2012, and you should not miss the fish dishes of the city on your holiday at Lake Tisza, where you can sample some exquisite delights of Hungarian cuisine. The surrounding areas of the eco-centre is a seven-acre leisure park that serves as halfway between an amusement park and a zoo.

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NOVASOL was established in 1968 and is the largest holiday home rental agency in Europe. Our supply of holiday homes, cottages and apartments in Hungary has grown over the years, and today we can today offer vacation rental in most areas of the country. NOVASOL offers everything from simple cabins with gorgeous views of the lake to relaxing apartments to stay in after mountainous hikes. The accommodations offer an authentic vacation experience for all to enjoy.