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Discover one of Hungary's Great National Parks

When people think of holidays in Hungary, they may often think of renting accommodation in Budapest, the country’s capital. Whilst on your holiday abroad in Europe, if you are visiting Budapest it is also worthwhile checking out Körös-Maros before you head back home from your summer holidays.This way you get a feel for the urban and the rural.

Hungary has so much more to offer than its capital city of Budapest and Körös-Maros is just one of a bevy of spectacular destinations for your family holiday in Europe, particularly for those who enjoy walking holidays. Get your comfy shoes ready, because you will love the landscape of this wild and rugged region whilst you rent apartments in Hungary.

Körös-Maros is a mystical world of rivers, ancient swamp-lands and meadows of dark stagnant water. The rich aquatic habitats of the Kardoskút Feherty White Lake and Sárrét Kis are where you will be spoilt for choices bird-watching, as many migratory birds flock here, such as the Great Bustard. Amongst the other fauna in the Körös-Maros region, you will find rare butterflies and moths. Choose Koros Maros for your accommodation in Hungary if you enjoy forest holidays.

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Visit Museums and Nature  in Körös-Maros

The visitor centres and museums in the Réhely Svarvas area may be small in size but are vast in their knowledge of the area and if you like nature might be one of the best things to do in Hungary. Talk to an advisor at the centres, who will be happy to tell you which of the routes can be taken without the support of a guide. A perfect place for walking holidays, travellers are recommended to take the Kígyós route, which showcases the area’s four main animal and plant species. Pick a country cottage close by to Réhely Svarvas to make the most of the area’s scenic routes.

Bicycle enthusiasts will enjoy taking a cycling holiday to Körös-Maros, with its expansive cycle paths. Rent accommodation in Hungary and explore the 20km long tour of Gavonás Szilasok and the 17km long Atyaszeg Csordajárás Dévaványa. You’re sure to wear yourself out as you cycle around the area’s challenging terrain - book your country cottage close by to the routes you want to take to avoid overdoing it!

For a forest holiday, you couldn’t choose somewhere better to visit than Körös-Maros. The forests here are often thick with wine grapes and with hops, so thick that in some places you cannot reach the river for the thickness of the plants. On the river, you will spot white water lilies floating serenely. Set out early from your self-catered apartments in Hungary, laden with sandwiches and refreshments, to catch the forest as it comes to life in the early morning.

Whilst enjoying your forest holiday in Körös-Maros, make sure you choose an exquisite and indulgent country cottage in which to relax. After a long day challenging your body through cycling, hiking and spotting rare species of animals and plants, you’ll definitely want to kick back and relax in sumptuous comfort. Help yourself to a warming meal of Hungarian goulash or something else from the tasty and varied Hungarian cuisine. NOVASOL offers a huge range of holiday lettings to suit every need and budget.

Convinced that a visit to Körös-Maros is for you? Can’t wait to get there? We have last minute cottages available for this year’s summer holiday. Book your next holiday abroad in Europe and be amazed at how relaxing and easy it is to book through NOVASOL. Browse our superb Hungarian apartments near Körös-Maros today. Otherwise rent one of our Budapest apartments or wasterside holiday homes on Lake Balaton.

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