Things to know about Hungary

Hungary is one of the most enchanting and captivating countries in Europe and is rapidly becoming a popular destination for European self-catering holidays. The country is safe and offers lots of exciting activities for its visitors to enjoy! Home to a vast array of areas of natural beauty as well as world-class cultural offerings and historical monuments which you will have the opportunity to discover should you decide to spend your next holiday in one of our options for holiday accommodation in Hungary, which includes Budapest apartments. Of course, Budapest is the most famous part of Hungary - however there are many other fantastic regions and places to see whilst self-catering Hungary with NOVASOL.

Self-catering Hungary accommodation by NOVASOL

Hungary is a natural beauty and is of course home to the so-called 'Pearl of the Danube'; Budapest. In fact Buda Castle District itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whilst the capital city of Hungary boasts stunning architecture, a fantastic cultural and artistic landscape as well as some truly buzzing nightlife - all of which is just waiting for you to explore and experience during your self-catering holidays in Hungary in any one of our Hungary holiday lettings in Budapest or in the surrounding regions. However, whilst Budapest is the most renowned part, the Hungarian countryside is also spectacularly beautiful!

Things to know whilst self-catering in Hungary

Hungary is frequently overlooked as a destination for family-friendly 'fun in the sun', however by the shores of the famous Lake Balaton you will find more than 200km of coastline providing safe and picturesque bathing in beautifully clear waters by the golden sands - ideal for family beach holidays in Europe. Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe and is a popular choice for lakeside holidays in Europe for both tourists and Hungarians alike. You will also be able to enjoy a wide range of musical and cultural events as well as traditional Hungarian folk festivals during your stay in our holiday accommodation in Hungary.

Holiday accommodation in Hungary - things to know

Hungary makes an excellent Central European holiday destination all year-round; despite the fact that temperatures can plummet to -10 degrees Celsius in winter months, this does not cool the spirit of the Hungarian people or slow down the pace of activity. If self-catering Hungary near to the festive period we would suggest that you pay a visit to one of the authentic Christmas markets, where you will be able to find a variety of traditional Hungarian Christmas offerings and a number of unique Hungarian customs on display. Similarly, folk traditions are kept alive with the customary painting of Easter eggs in the spring.

Budapest Apartments - worth knowing

Hungary is known for the many healing properties of its numerous thermal waters. In the city of Budapest alone there are numerous thermals spas and baths which you can visit during our stay in our lovely self-catering Budapest apartments. In fact, bathing in these curative waters has long been an important part of the Hungarian culture. Alternatively, you could explore what is the world's oldest 'official' wine region of Tokaj, or visit one of the 2 dedicated paprika museums! Paprika was once actually used as a form of currency in trading in Hungary.

Discover Hungary whilst self-catering

Among the many little known facts about Hungary is that the country is the original home of two world-famous invention- the Rubik's Cube and the Biro Pen! Discover other lesser known things about Hungary during your stay in our holiday accommodation in Hungary. If you are renting out our Budapest apartments, then we would suggest that you pay a visit to the Budapest City Park during your self-catering holidays in Hungary and specifically to the 'Anonymous' statue. Legend has it that anyone who touches then statues pen will be blessed with great writing abilities!