Hungarian culture - accommodation in Hungary

During your visit to Hungary whilst staying in one of our range of fantastic accommodation in Hungary, which includes beautiful Budapest apartments and accommodation by the shores of Lake Balaton, you will soon see that the Hungarian culture is a melting pot of influences. The influence of Western and Eastern culture has been crossing Hungary for more than a thousand years. Using one of our carefully selected self-catering holiday homes as a base, you can explore Hungary and experience all of the rich and varied cultural offerings and unique Hungarian traditions that this fascinating country brings to the table.

Hungarian culture - self-catering Hungary

The many thermal baths of Hungary are synonymous with Hungarian culture and many are within reach of our holiday homes in Hungary. The tradition of visiting the thermal baths is deeply engrained within the culture and history of Hungary, during your holiday it may be a special treat but for the Hungarian people it is a part of their normal lives and doctors actually even prescribe visits to certain pools in order to cure ailments! Discover the many benefits of the curative waters whilst renting our self-catering holiday homes in Hungary. The country has more than 1,200 hot springs and hundreds of thermal baths which are open year-round. No stay in our Hungary accommodation would be complete without a relaxing and rejuvenating day spent at one of these!

Budapest apartments - culture in Hungary

The most important spa city in the country is Budapest; stay in our Budapest apartments and explore the only capital in the world which is also a spa town. Some spas date back to Turkish baths; others were built in Art Nouveau style, such as the famous Gellért Bath and Széchenyi Bath. The latter is one of the largest bathing complexes in Europe and offers every type of treatment and massage you could want! We would highly recommend a visit to one of these delightful spas during your stay in our hand-picked holiday homes in Hungary.

Music in Hungarian culture

If you would like to get an authentic taste of Hungarian culture during your self-catering holidays in Europe in one of our Budapest apartments or Hungary apartments in other parts of the country, then there is surely no better way than to try and catch a live music performance; a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an evening! One of the most important elements of Hungarian culture is the rich and vibrant musical traditions that exists in the country. Hungary is known for its traditional 'Gipsy' music, this traditional Hungarian folk music involves the playing of authenic instruments and encourages enthusiastic dancing - it will surely be impossible not to get intoxicated by the atmosphere.

Cultural events in Hungary - accommodation in Hungary

Music is still an important element of Hungarian culture and every year there are many festivals and other venues dedicated to the celebration and enjoyment of music and honouring its composers. The Budapest Spring Festival has a long tradition and it takes place every year in March for two weeks and 11 towns take part; this festival is a definite highlight and a fantastic experience for music lovers if you happen to be self-catering Hungary during this time. Budapest offers a fantastic programme of events when it comes to Opera and ballet, perfect for a cultural evening out during your stay in our Budapest apartments.

Cultural days out in Hungary

There is an abundance of great festivals, events and celebrations that celebrate Hungarian culture and take place throughout the year in Hungary and make for days out, excursions and activities during your stay in one of our comfortable self-catering holiday cottages or apartments in the country. The choice is almost unlimited, everyone will find something of interest! To name just a few; in August just outside of our Budapest apartments is the Szeged Open-Air Festival where you will be able to enjoy performances which range from opera to folk dancing. The Summer Jewish Festival, which takes place in few cities with various celebrations and the Zemplén festival of the Tokaj Wine Region are also well worth a visit. There is even a festival dedicated to the humble apricot!