Things to do whilst self-catering in Hungary

Hungary is a natural beauty. Budapest, the "Pearl of the Danube," is on UNESCO's World Heritage list. The graceful capital has a lively art, cafe and music scene. It hosts a range of musical and cultural events as well as traditional festivals for you to enjoy during your stay in our Budapest apartments throughout the year; making it an exciting year round destination. In the countryside are majestic plains, bountiful lakes, Baroque towns, horse markets and rustic villages. You will be enticed to sample its rich wines, laze in its thermal spas, and enjoy its lush natural surroundings. When you begin searching for your self-catering holiday homes at NOVASOL, it won’t be long before you find your ideal base for memorable self-catering holidays in Hungary.

Budapest Apartments - Obuda

Should you decide to visit the Obuda area whilst self-catering in Hungary you can find ruins of the ancient town Aquincum, which is 2,000 years old and it is considered to be the Roman ascendant of Budapest. In the northern part of town you can find two amphitheatres, villas decorated with mosaics, old soldiers’ bath, and stone pillars from aqueducts. In the Aquincum museum there are valuable discoveries on display which tell a story of the unique Hungarian history. The wonderful atmosphere of the main square of Óbuda is a really special experience. There are two art museums nearby; the Imre-Varga Muzeum and Vasarely Muzeum, where you will find an opulent collection of art masterpieces.

Self-catering Hungary - visit Gödöllő

The castle in Gödöllo, northeast of Budapest, was built at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire a favoured residence of the Austrian emperor couple, Emperor Franz Joseph and Queen Elisabeth. The 200 year old building is one of the greatest of its time. Nowadays, there are festivals and classical music concerts in the ballroom and courtyard, making a a great landmark and opportunity to learn about Hungarian culture and history during your stay in our self-catering accommodation in Hungary. The theatre in baroque style also attracts visitors from all over the world and we would definitely recommend a visit to the castle when renting one of our hand-picked holiday homes in the region. The church in Márabesnyo has been a popular spot for centuries.

Explore the Mátra Mountains of Hungary

The Mátra Mountains located in the North of Hungary have the highest peaks in the country, they are also known as 'The Roof of Hungary' and a truly spectacular sight to see should you decide to rent our Hungary accommodation for your next self-catering holidays in Central Europe. A television tower, 190m high, has a viewing platform from where you can fully appreciate a marvellous view of the surrounding mountains. In the Mátra Mountains there is also a winter sports centre. There are ski tracks of different lengths and ski jumping hill. The air is fresh and the sun shines all year round, making the area an ideal location for a fantastic winter holidays in Hungary with your family or friends.

Holiday homes Hungary - Eger

Eger is a town located in the North of Hungary and is one of the most beautiful examples of Baroque architecture. Eger has an opulent past which is proven by the numerous well maintained and restored monuments and architectural wonders. One of the highlights must be the astonishing medieval castle which draws visitors all year long and will surely make a great day our during your stay in our Hungary holiday accommodation. Numerous museums show the past of the town and the town also houses one of the most beautiful libraries in Europe. Among the 150,000 books there is the first one from Hungary, printed in 1453. You can also relax in a traditional Turkish bath in Eger.