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Quite a lot of tourists visit Germany to find out more about the country's history. Many of our villas in Germany can be found close to big cities like Berlin apartments, Hamburg or Munich, which is where you can find out more about the German history through monuments, museums, guided tours or by just walking around. Why not enjoy some culture and history, but also enjoy the benefits of your private villa, cottage or apartment whilst self-catering Germany? For much of Germany's long history, the country has been divided - sometimes into hundreds of states. It has rarely been ruled by one unified government or monarchy; this means that the history of Germany ranges greatly across its regions. As a result many of Germany's regions have a unique dialect, culture and cuisine.

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Learn more about turbulent German history

Wars have ravaged Germany throughout its history; from the aptly named 'Thirty Years War' of the 1600s, right through to World War II. During your self-catering Germany holiday you will have plenty of opportunity to learn more about Germany's unique past and the German culture when you choose to stay in one of our hand-picked holiday villas in Germany. Germany has been divided and reunified multiple times in its history; by the 1800s pressure for the many states in Germany to become one was growing. The German people wanted to have one universal set of laws and currency; however the king at the time - Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia - rejected the idea.

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German history from unification to World War I - self-catering Germany accommodation

Germany was later unified in 1871, following the brief but ultimately successful Franco-Prussian War, which led to the country becoming a powerful empire of the times. Discover the monuments of this controversial period of German history whilst on holiday self-catering in Central Europe in one of our holiday homes in Germany. During this time the Emperor still held absolute power so there was still a long way to go before Germany was to become the symbol of European democracy that it is today. Two World Wars lay ahead which have made an indelible mark on the history and society of Germany, immerse yourself in this period of history during your stay in our self-catering Germany accommodation.

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German history 1871 – 1914

Uncover a troubled part of German history whilst self-catering Germany. The chancellor at the time was the highly-regarded statesman Otto van Bismarck; Bismarck's ultimate aim was to steer Germany smoothly through the various tensions that were springing up in Europe, which he did with much success. However, trouble lay ahead for the now peaceful Germany with the crowning of Kaiser Wilhelm II; who was brash and sought to increase the size of the German Empire - the stage was now set for WWI. Although this is a troubled period of history for Germany, it contributed to the building of the Germany of today and helped shaped the German culture . We would recommend visiting some of the historic German sites of this time whilst self-catering Germany.

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Modern German history - Holiday homes in Germany

After Germany's defeat in 1918, many people were left angry by what they felt were embarrassing conditions set out by the Treaty of Versailles. This discontent plus the Great Depression of the 1930s paved the way for Hitler and he made his move for power by exploiting this feeling of dissatisfaction within the German public. Following WWII Germany existed as two states - East and West Germany, although Germany is now unified, you may still see the effects from this time whilst staying in one of our holiday homes in Germany. There were tremendous differences between the two states - including when it came to typical German food - and things remained this way until the infamous fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990. Since this time Germany has thrived and now stands as one of the richest and most stable nations in the world. Discover a fascinating history that has created this fantastic country when you stay in one of our holiday cottages in Germany.