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Surprising cuisine on a self-catering holiday in Germany

What will become quickly apparent during your self-catering holiday in Germany, is that German cuisine varies greatly from region to region. From our Black Forest accommodation to Berlin apartments, it has gathered these influences and the German culture and cuisine has developed as as a result of centuries worth of political and social changes. On the whole, German cuisine is hearty and filling. Whilst self-catering Germany you will come across dishes consisting of pan-fried or braised meats; such as pork, beef and poultry, accompanied by traditional side-dishes which include Kartoffelsalat (potato salad), Sauerkraut or delicious stewed red cabbage known as Rotkohl. Although fish dishes tend to be limited to the Northern coastal areas; whilst staying in our holiday cottages in Germany you will more than likely come across tangy pickled-herrings, a tasty snack!

German cuisine - Berlin apartments

Discover the variations of German cuisine

In some regions of Germany; such as Bavaria apartments and Swabia, the cuisine is extremely similar to that of the cuisine of Austria and Switzerland. The German cuisine is a wonderful fusion of a number of different cultural influences, for example; due to an influx of Italian migrants in the 1920s dishes such as pizza and spaghetti have become integral to the day-to-day cuisine of Germany - in fact pizza was named Germany's most popular fast-food. Take the opportunity whilst self-catering Germany to sample the great variety of German food.

German cuisine

Cultural influences on the unique German cuisine

There has also long been a strong Turkish community in Germany, which has greatly influenced modern culture and cuisine, bringing such dishes as the Doner Kebab. This version is perhaps more sophisticated than what we are used to and is definitely worth a try during your stay in one of our holiday cottages in Germany. Of course, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, East German cuisine had massive influences from the Eastern Bloc countries such as Poland and Bulgaria; some of which are still prevalent in hearty German fare.

German cuisine - holiday homes in Germany

Dishes to try whilst self-catering Germany - Typical German dishes

You are sure not to go hungry whilst staying in one of our self-catering holiday homes as you will find a wide variety of comforting and filling dishes on offer to cater for every taste. Whilst Germany is renowned for its meat dishes - which include the famous Bratwurst and the Berlin speciality of Currywurst as well as succulent offerings of slow-cooked pork - the German's most favourite dish is surprising vegetarian; Spaetzle. These tasty little noodles may not look like much but we would definitely recommend ordering a portion - either as a side or on their own - adding cheese, parsley and salt and pepper to taste then tucking in!

German food - holiday lettings in Germany

Food culture in Germany

Indulge in the German culture of food whilst staying in one of our holiday lettings in Germany. There is a rich and diverse culture of food and cuisine in Germany, which manifest in the country's numerous traditions; 'Kaffee und Kuchen' (coffee and cake) time is tradition which is observed all over Germany and remains an important part of day-to-day life for many. Usually around 3 or 4pm one sits down with a coffee and a slice of cake as a little retreat from a hectic afternoon. Why not indulge in this delightful German tradition whilst staying in one of our holiday cottages in Germany. One of the most famous German traditions which centres around indulging in food - and copious amounts of beer - is of course the world-famous Oktoberfest!

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Modern German Cuisine

In recent years, German cuisine has made a departure from the notoriously heavy and rustic dishes of old and taken on an all-together more contemporary flair. Particularly whilst in one of Germany's vibrant cities like Berlin or Frankfurt, you will find trendy and buzzing eateries which sit right on the cutting-edge of modern European cuisine; serving fresh and innovative culinary delights that excite and revive. German restaurants have been awarded a total of around 300 Michelin stars - 11 of those having received 3 stars, the highest possible accolade.

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