Discover German culture whilst self-catering Germany

German culture has many facets to discover when staying in a holiday home in Germany; a rich historical heritage of medieval fortresses and fairy tale castles to modern style and contemporary art. The German culture has been hugely influenced by the countries which surround it. Whilst on holiday self-catering Germany you will see that influences from Germany's neighbours; including Austria, the Czech Republic, France and Poland, are still visible and have helped to shape the cultural landscape of Germany, including the German cuisine. The country is widely regarded as not only the geographical centre of Europe; but also the centre of European economics and politics; and rightly so as Germany has the largest economy in Europe and continually shapes and guides the way when it comes to modern European politics.

German culture - self-catering accommodation in Germany

Reveal the country's many cultural achievements during your holiday self-catering Germany. Germany has long been thought of as Das Land der Dichter und Denker - 'The land of poets and thinkers'. You can discover why for yourself whilst staying in one of our holiday homes in Germany. Germany has made considerable contributions to classical music; with a number of famous composers hailing from Germany and Austria. The country has also had a significant influence on the art and literary worlds. All of this together with the rich and eclectic cultural offerings of Germany and the fascinating German history, make this the perfect destination for an enriching self-catering holiday experience in Western Europe. Art and culture cannot be graded or measured; it would be very difficult to choose Germany’s greatest cultural city.

Meet the German people - holiday homes in Germany

The Germans are stereotypically thought of as stoic, serious and even unfriendly - however this is not really accurate as they are generally warm and hospitable with a strong sense of community. During your self-catering holiday in Germany, why not venture out and meet some of the friendly locals; who we are sure will be delighted to share their country with you by giving helpful hints and tips! However, some stereotypes about Germans are true; on the whole they are industrious and put great stock into the values of hard-work and precision. It is perhaps no suprise then that Germany is famous for its prowess when it come to high-quality engineering, demonstrated by the country's production of some of the best cars in the world. They also have one of the best infrastructures in Europe, which of course makes it incredibly easy to get around whilst staying in one of our holiday lettings in Germany.

Explore the cultural melting pot of modern Germany

Germany is a cultural melting-pot; in just about every city and large town you will find a diverse mix of cultures, nationalities, languages and traditions. Germany is also home to a thriving Turkish community; which has definitely left its mark on German cuisine and its modern culture. The Turks are the 2nd largest ethnic group in Germany and you will find pockets of Turkish communities nestled in many German towns and cities during your stay in our holiday homes in Germany. Stay in one of our Berlin apartments or Germany accommodation in other parts of the country to get a real flavour of what makes Germany such a special place.

Cultural attractions to see whilst self-catering Germany

There are more than 5,000 art and exhibition centres open to the public in Germany. Be sure to visit at least a couple of the plethora of museums and galleries on offer whilst self-catering in Germany. The Hamburger Gallery is always a particular highlight as is the Bremer Art Gallery and the Alte & Neue Pinakothek in Munich – here you will find masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Dürer, van Dyck, Rubens and El Greco. This museum is counted among Europe’s greatest by art lovers