Berlin accommodation

Berlin accommodation

Berlin has a tangible personality of its own – a city with a history and a heart. Part concrete jungle and partly lined with classical architecture and UNESCO treasures, this environment is utterly unique for direct holiday homes. It is no surprise that this city is a mecca for so many - culture vultures, backpackers, historians, families and friends call this place a home away from home. From the gritty Kreuzberg with its industrial clubs, quirky cafes and graffiti, to the legendary Brandenburger Tor and Kurfürstendamm with its designer shops, there is something incredible to be discovered in Berlin by everybody self-catering in Germany.

Berlin apartments


Attractions near your Berlin apartments

In terms of monuments and attractions there is an unbelievable host of old buildings, moving holocaust memorials and, of course, the iconic Berlin Wall. Either take yourself around on foot, by bike, using the wonderfully uncomplicated U-Bahn or S-Bahn system, or have an expert guide you round the main sights on a free walking tour to learn more about the history of Germany and its capital! Museum Island on the River Spree is home to five amazing museums and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. You can easily reach these landmarks from your holiday homes or apartments in Berlin – simply make your way from Alexanderplatz station, which can be identified by Berlin’s 368 metre high TV tower.

Things to do in Berlin

In the summer, there are plenty of things to do in Germany - for example we can also recommend a picnic in one of Berlin’s massive parks. You can cycle around or enjoy a free concert in Tiergarten, for example. These parks are also host to a number of flea markets, where you can pick up anything from antiques to street food. Just outside of Berlin, we also recommend taking a tour of Teufelsberg – the abandoned NSA spy tower. If history doesn’t interest you, then the view from the top of the hill and the surrounding forests certainly will. Of course Berlin is the cultural heart of Germany, and there is much to take in indoors as well as outside. So fear not – if the weather isn’t perfect for venturing out whilst you rent holiday homes in Germany, hunker down in a gallery or local café.

Culture in Berlin

Culture is one of the main draws to Berlin, with a pivotal artistic energy that moves within the city and is visible at every turn – street-art, fashion, galleries, the Berlin Wall. It is not just art but a unique attitude and feeling that resonates with those who rent accommodation in Berlin. However, this part of Berlin’s identity is quite separate from the general culture in Germany. Here you will find music and art scene unlike anywhere else in Germany, perhaps born out of the city’s turbulent past. Visit the Berlinische Galerie for modern art and photography, the Pergamom or Nationalgalerie for the classics, or simply look around you for local events, festivals, concerts, film showings and much more.

Good food whilst self-catering Germany

Berlin is full of wonderful (but highly addictive) eateries. For traditional German cuisine, leave your beautiful apartments in Berlin and stop by at the Kaufhaus des Westens for a thinly sliced, delicately flavoured schnitzel. The building itself is an architectural beacon built in 1905 and one of the best known department stores in Berlin. There are also currywurst stands all over the place for a cheap snack, but it is widely agreed that the best is Konnopke’s Imbiss, which you can find at Schönhauser Allee. Burgermeister might well deliver the best burger in Berlin, whilst vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will love Mustafas Gemüsedöner, which serves unrivalled vegetable-laden kebabs.

Berlin accommodation for your family holidays

When it comes to family and child friendly holiday homes, villas or apartments, Berlin has much to offer. NOVASOL even has houseboats, which are hugely exciting for children. The parks and playgrounds around Berlin are a fantastic resource for keeping kids entertained, whilst attractions like the video game museum are also great for the big kids amongst your group. Stop at Rausch Schokoladenhaus for a world-class hot chocolate and see their incredible chocolate sculptures. Or go to Ritter Sport Colourful Chocoworld, where you can make your own chocolate bar. Check for equipment like television, games and outdoor playing space in the descriptions of our homes and holiday homes in Germany.

Service – Why NOVASOL?

In fact, it really does make sense to rent holiday homes or apartments in Berlin. This is because with a place so rich in so many ways, you need the freedom to explore at your own pace without restriction. Enjoy our range of holiday homes in Germany and whether you book somewhere on the outskirts of the city, or right in the midst of everything, you will be able to enjoy a plethora of experiences in Berlin. Craft your own schedule and go at your own pace, whilst being assured that if you have any queries, we have local offices on hand to assist you when you arrive should you need it.