Holiday rentals France in Northern France

In the northern regions of France lie the Pays-de-la-Loire, Brittany, Normandy, Haute-Normandie, Ile-de-France, Picardy, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine and Alsace. Perhaps you could rent French gites in the northernmost region of France - Nord Pas de Calais with its capital, Lille. Here the Boulonnais cold blood horses have been bred since the 14th century. Visit them from your direct holiday homes in the port city of Calais, which is the second largest passenger port in Europe. Before the town hall is the monument Les Bourgeois de Calais by Auguste Rodin. Alternatively, enjoy a villa rental in Brittany - a place imbued with history, fascinating landscapes and plenty of holiday activities.

Enjoy NOVASOL holiday cottages in Brittany

Brittany in western France with its capital Rennes ranges well into the Atlantic. If you are looking to explore the beautiful northern regions of France, why not book villas in France on the largest peninsula of the country! Here you will find many fields and grasslands, which are divided by picturesque hedges and old stone walls. Through the Atlantic and Gulf Stream, Brittany has an oceanic climate with relatively mild temperatures. Avoid the sometimes overly warm summers that you may find with villas in Corsica or Marseilles and opt for a mild beach holiday on the stunning coast of Brittany.

French gites in Normandy

Normandy has been established as the seaside resort of Dieppe since the beginning of the 19th century - a popular tourist destination, especially of British high society. Discover the perks of self-catering in France here and you can explore numerous castles and abbeys and other attractions. With such a history of tourism, it is easy to believe that the term was first coined here! Perhaps you will visit the special attraction of the William the Conqueror Centre in Bayeaux with the Bayeux Tapestry. Since 2007, the 11th century embroidery work has been part of UNESCO World Heritage. This is just one of the many historical attractions to visit on your French holiday!

Villas in France on the northern coast

In Boulogne is the Opal Coast, the French coast of the English Channel. Book NOVASOL cottages with hot tubs, gardens, swimming pools and many other facilities and discover the diverse coastline! Experience your holiday in France at high and low tide, the long sandy beaches with dunes, estuaries of rivers and the chalk cliffs. Along the Opal coast are numerous seaside resorts that have evolved from traditional fishing villages. Self-catering in France on the coast will give you ample opportunities to try fresh seafood cuisine, engage with history along the shore and to enjoy picturesque views on inexpensive holidays abroad.

Discover the South of France with French villas

France is the one of the world's most popular tourist destinations thanks to extremely varied landscapes, fascinating culture, wonderful cuisine and because of its unique charm. You will find this everywhere in France, but the South is also known for its amazing weather. The country is divided into 22 traditional regions, and 8 of these belong to the southern area of France. If you are seeking a magnificent retreat in cosy French country cottages with a glorious climate, entertaining activities and rich local customs, then why not take your summer holidays in Aquitaine, Limousin, Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes, Midi-Pyrénées, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur?

Enjoy an active holiday with French holiday homes

The South of France with its excellent swimming and boating conditions provides an excellent and highly favoured environment for sports and activity lovers. Take gites in the Côte d'Azur region, which is a paradise for a wonderful beach holiday with the fashionable villas in Cannes, Nice, Antibes and Saint-Tropez. The climate, clear water and wide range of water sports facilities offer something for all. Meanwhile, to the south-east, there is the Massif Central for climbing, woodland for forest holidays and rivers for kayaking or swimming.

Villas in France by stunning beaches

In the far southwest of the country between Bordeaux and the Pyrenees is Aquitaine, located directly on the Atlantic. With French country cottages, visit the longest sandy beach in Europe on the Cote d'Argent. It covers the Bay of Biscay from the river Adour in the south to the north Gironde. From Marseille you can also reach the island of Corsica. Beautiful, flat beaches melt into the sea at Palombaggia or Tamaricciu. The water is crystal clear and beautiful for swimming and snorkelling, whilst the island is also fantastic for hiking and sightseeing. You could even rent dog-friendly cottages to enjoy the beaches with your pet!

Discover 96 Departments with villas in France

Enjoy a holiday in a cottage or apartment in France and discover all there is to learn about the French departments, their divisions, history and individual characters. France has long been regarded as the epitome of a centralised state, so when you rent French country cottages or villas it is interesting to learn about the regions of the country. Familiarise yourself with the different coats of arms for each department whilst staying at our French country cottages!

French villas in different departments

Discover what each area in France has to offer whilst on your self-catering holidays. The Rhone-Alpes region in the Southeast is the most populous with more than 6.2 million inhabitants, its main city being Lyon. Midi-Pyrénées is the largest region in the European part of France in terms of area with 45,348 thousand square kilometres. Book holiday cottages in France in the southwest of the country and visit the capital of Toulouse! Or perhaps visit the smallest region – Alsace – with just 8280 square kilometres from your villas or dog friendly cottages. Stop in the capital of Strasbourg, which is widely referred to as the headquarters of many European institutions, such as the Euro Parliament as the European Capital.

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From city apartments in France's cosmopolitan centres, to French country cottages in the peaceful and plentiful areas of rural France, NOVASOL can provide exactly the holiday home to suit your needs. Whether you are seeking a history-packed holiday on Brittany's mystical coast, or a beach holiday with your family on Corsica, we will have something in our extensive listings for you. However, it isn't just our range that makes us such a fantastic supplier - NOVASOL holiday homes come with a personal touch that mean you are supported throughout your stay. if you have any questions during your stay, simply contact our local offices, who will be happy to help.