French Self-catering Holiday Homes in Picardy I History

Discover the beautiful region of Picardy and its surprising history with villas in France from NOVASOL. The oldest prehistoric remains discovered in the area testify to an intense activity at key periods of the history of mankind. Heralded as the ‘City of Art and History’, Picardy holds many treasures from an impressive architectural heritage. History enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the cities of Amiens, Laon, Noyon, Soissons and also Beauvais, Compiègne, Senlis and Saint-Quentin. Land of the Carolingian kings, Picardy is adorned with the royal castles of the Oise, to the fortified churches of Thiérache. France holiday rentals in Picardy, allow you to step back in time and explore this fascinating region at your own pace.

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Ancient History of Picardy and NOVASOL Villas in France

The Picardy region is considered to be the cradle of civilisation in France because of the prehistoric and Gallo-Roman archeology sites found here. By self-catering France in Picardy, you can enjoy the French department of the Somme, with an exceptional cultural and historical heritage. Discover the site of Saint-Acheul in Amiens, a prehistoric site of international fame. Walking through this archaeological garden can help you to understand the climates and flora of years gone by, and how this has formed the present day Somme Valley. Or for a taste of more recent history whilst self-catering France, go to the city of Amiens to visit the house of Jules Verne, which sits at the convergence of the beautifully preserved corner of Charles Dubois Street and the Boulevard Longueville.

French self-catering in Picardy: Discover a land of memory

Enjoy a stay in a holiday home, apartment or villa in Picardy and you will be able to explore the history of the region, which is completely unique in France. Discover traces of the Great War by hiking in the footsteps of the battlefields of the Somme. Immerse yourself in local tradition and culture that Picardy has inherited. Even down to the handcrafted clothing worn here, and the different styles of architecture and typical colorful ceramics in the Haute Somme Valley. With France holiday rentals in Picardy, you will also notice elegant buildings with unusual shapes that have been built after the depression of the Great War. It is possible to see how history has made its mark everywhere on this multifaceted region, and this is something that attracts visitors here from around the world.

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Explore the bell towers of the Picardy with NOVASOL French gites

In northern France and in parts of Belgium it is possible to discover this unique and captivating UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you book gites in France here, you can make trips to a grand total of fifty-five belfries. Belfry – in French ‘Beffroi’ - refers to a tall, slim bell tower that was typical especially in Gothic and Flemish cities. The towers were built by the city authorities or guilds as a symbol of bourgeois power. Often therefore belfries are connected to the town hall or stand freely beside. Visit these significant secular buildings of the Middle Ages, at least some of which should be near your holiday cottages in France.

Where to visit the bell towers whilst self-catering France

From your gites in France, you can see the 23 belfries in and around Picardy. You may also consider visiting on the way to your chalets, villas or dog friendly cottages. Their locations are as follows: Aire-sur-la-Lys, Armentières, Amiens, Abbeville, Arras, Bailleul, Bergues, Bethune, Boulogne, Calais, Cambrai, Comines, Douai, Doullens, Dunkerque, Gravelines, Hesdin, Lille, Loos, Lucheux, Rue and Saint-Riquier visit. It is relatively rare for a widely distributed ensemble is declared as a World Heritage Site. In France, this protection was also given to the Lascaux caves, the Canal du Midi, the Loire Valley, and the Vauban fortifications.Each of these sites comes highly recommended whilst you are self-catering in France.

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Notable attractions near your unique cottages

From your holiday homes in France in the Picardy region, the belfry of Abbeville can be reached very easily. It dates back to 1209 and is an impressive 27 metres high. The Belfry of Amiens was built in the 15th century and remodelled in the 18th century at 52 metres high offering magnificent views. Not far from Amiens a Lucheux Belfry built in 1896 can be admired from your holiday cottages in France. If you are taking summer holidays, be sure to visit Saint-Riquier Belfry next to the famous abbey where the scene of the international music festival Le Festival de Musique unfolds.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites near your holiday homes France

These belfries have been deemed by UNESCO as having special cultural and historical value and are therefore protected as World heritage Sites. France has many UNESCO protected sites and the region of Picardy itself also has much to offer in terms of French history. Amiens Cathedral, for example, in the heart of the region is one of the largest Gothic churches from 13th century with its wonderful architecture and sculptures.