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Things to do in Western Finland

The west coast of Finland will impress you with a whole variety of recreational activities and attractions. On long sandy beaches you’ll find every opportunity to be active – but it’s in the towns along the coast that you’ll find a rich cultural program, especially in the summer months. To give you an idea of the possibilities for you before arrival and your Finnish holiday cottages, we’ve listed a range of places, whether you’re visiting individually, as a couple or with the family. Your cottage holiday is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience for everyone. We wish you good luck and lots of fun on your travels!

Finland cottage rentals

Jazz festival and beach romance

In the far south of the Finnish west coast, you’ll find the town of Pori, founded in 1558 by Duke Johan of Finland. The beautiful Yvteri beach is ideal for families with children as well as those who want to enjoy water sports in water that can reach 20 degrees in late summer. The old town of Pori is an absolute must-see. Located in the district of Isolinnankatu, you can snake through small streets and alleys away from the tourist hotspots to see a more authentic view of Western Finland. Other attractions in Pori include the beach promenade, which is worth visiting for a sunset stroll on your summer holidays. If you’re already at sea, you should take a trip to the beach and visit the dunes of Yteri. Here you can relax in the sun, build sandcastles and swim in the sea. Parks and theatres are converted into funky jazz venues for Pori Jazz – the biggest European Jazz Festival. Book your Finnish cottage rentals from NOVASOL and spend a beach holiday in Scandinavia.


The historic town of Vaasa is just off the coast and has a lot to offer in terms of Finnish culture. You’ll find a variety of museums, art galleries, concerts, operas and theatre performances all year round. In Ähtäri zoo, you can find the native animals of the northern hemisphere including bears, wild sheep and bison, which all live in the 60-hectare zoo. The park is open throughout the year and is still a big attraction during the cold winter months. For those curious about the history of the town, Vaasa also hosts the incredible Vörå –the oldest wooden church in the country, built in 1626.

Church bells and a look to the past

Many tourists also visit the Korsholm Church. After the city burnt down in 1852, the building was rebuilt under the direction of Carl Axel Setterberg, who worked as an architect for the county of Vaasa. The church can be visited from June to August. In Freilichtmuseum Brage, you can see how traditions are maintained and live the story of the people who worked here in the past. Here you’ll get a good insight into Finnish-Swedish culture as it is today and learn about activities and attractions in Finland.

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The Swedish King Karl IX founded the city of Oulu in 1605, which resides by the river Oulujoki. A major fire in 1822 destroyed a big portion of the city and architect Carl Ludvig Engel, known for his neoclassical buildings, designed the city that remains. Once known for wood tar and salmon, the city has evolved into a huge technology centre. Here you’ll find lots to do, from fun, extensive shopping trips to museum tours near your Finnish apartments. The botanical gardens of Oulu provide a picturesque destination for a walk,  where a wealth of exotic and native plants are showcased all year round. During the summer months, the city’s cathedral, originally built in 1777, can be visited.

Scandinavian shopping

For shopping trips, the pedestrianised Rotuaari offers an incredible experience in the Kirkkokatu district. Here you’ll find much sought after Scandinavian fashion and furnishings - a lovely way to experience local craft and style whilst you rent Finnish holiday cottages. The whole Rotuaari is free from ice and snow all year round due to heating system underneath the pavement. The Oulu Stockmann department store is well worth a visit – especially when the area is festively lit up each year.

Welcome to the Museum City

Among the many museums of the city, it’s worth pointing out the archaeological activity centre, which lies about 60 kilometres north-east of Oulu. Take a trip back to the stone age and get to know how primitive humans lived in the area. In Kierikki Stone Age Center, there is also an archaeological exhibition. Fans of automobiles throughout the last hundred years are welcome to visit Car Museum Oulu, whilst fans of geology can visit the Geological Museum, where there are more than 12,500 ore, mineral, rock and soil samples. Numerous exhibits of fossil discoveries can also be found here. In the Zoological Museum there are more than 1,000 vertebrates on display. For those who can easily spend an afternoon in museums looking at the past, Oulu is a perfect start to your family holiday in Finland.

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Rental holidays in Finland every season

Book your NOVASOL holiday home in Finland and experience an unforgettable holiday Scandinavia. Experience the rich culture of the region – whether you’re strolling around the dozens of museums or you’re a jazz cat visiting for Pori Jazz in the summertime. It’s truly a modern Scandi region with one eye on its history. Enjoy the land of the lakes in the beautiful hues of spring, summer and autumn, or enter a winter wonderland and even make an excursion to the home of Santa Claus with a Finnish holiday cottage in Lapland.