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The south of Finland holds a variety of attractions. Be it in the unique nature or the historical port cities in the archipelago, you can look forward to an exciting holiday full of new experiences. If you are seeking to discover a rich cultural and natural environment, Finnish apartments and holiday homes are a marvellous way to get beneath the skin of Southern Finnish culture. We are pleased to provide you with various sights and activities so that you have a small overview of possible destinations before departure. 

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Welcome to the capital

A trip to Helsinki is an unforgettable experience on your holiday in Finland. The capital of Finland has a lot of interesting things to offer, striking a fine balance between vibrant bars and peaceful parks and museums. Among the sights is the railway station, built in 1916, which is a beautiful example of Finnish Art Nouveau. From the hills of the fountain park, you have a fantastic view over the small boat harbours and the outlying islands of the city. Perhaps you can also see your Southern Finland cottage rentals in the archipelago.

Cultural and historical monuments

Temppeliaukion kirkko, the rocky church, is an absolute highlight for those interested in culture in Finland.The Gotteshaus is not located directly in the city, but in the district of Töölö. This is a wonderfully peaceful space, just like your NOVASOL holiday letting in the archipelago of ​​Finland. On a discovery tour through Helsinki, you should also visit the Presidential Palace, which was built in 1818 and later served as the residence of the Russian tsar. Today it is the seat of the Finnish President. 

Nature and culture

The Orthodox Church Pyhittäjä Herman Alaskalaisen kirkko is worth a visit – the Orthodox priest and architect Paul Hesse designed it in 1998. For nature lovers and activists, the natural centre of Villa Elfriki in Laajalahti is a must-see – here you can relax in the forest of Nuuksio, where you can learn climbing and abseiling. You dont need holiday lettings in Finnish Lapland for spectaculr landscapes and views either, your holiday home on the south coast of Finland is the ideal starting point for climbing in the tree tops and strolling through the historic streets and alleys.

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Visit Espoo

Espoo is the second largest city in Finland and is a bit different than any other cities - well worth a visit from your Finland cottage rentals. A special feature is, for example, that there is a city in the city. Kauniainen, the city in the city, was originally founded as a suburban villa of Helsinki in 1906. Today, this suburb is completely enclosed by Espoo, but still independent. Espoos is home to the Grace Church from the early 14th century, which was decorated with beautiful lime paintings by various artists.

Turku - the museum city

As the oldest city in the country, which was the European Capital of Culture in 2011, there is much Finnish history to discover. Among them is the castle of Turku, which was built at the end of the 13th century and today exhibits the oldest mural wall paintings of the country. A walk along the river Aurajoki winding through the town is always a great experience – here you can meet ships from all parts of the world and relax in the cosy cafes, bars and restaurants. There are numerous water attractions, such as pool Caribia, which promises fun for the whole family. Among the many historic buildings in the city is also the Cathedral of Turku.

The South coast of Finland

Welcome to the south coast of Finland. Here, the first Finns once landed and later gave the country its name. Here you can enjoy rocky coves, small islands and hidden beaches that attract both water sports fans and holidaymakers alike. The landscape is characterised by picturesque fishing villages and ancient lighthouses. There are often more Swedish people than Finnish people here, which is due to its proximity to the neighbouring country (see our Swedish holiday homes here). No matter what time of year you decide to spend your holiday in the Finnish archipelago, there is always something to experienced. In the summer, sailing and swimming is enjoyed, while in the winter the frozen archipelago is great for ice skating, ice fishing, skiing and snowshoe hikes.

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Holiday in the Finnish Archipelago

The town of Kouvola is only a short drive away from Helsinki. Nestled in the picturesque landscape at the gates of the capital, the city is particularly known for the surrounding Repovesi National Park. From Kouvola you have the possibility to go to Russia, with trains running the route daily.

The river Kymijoki runs through the region and offers anglers and paddlers many possibilities of recreational activities. Golfers usually opt for the picturesque golf courses and play on the neat lawn.

The villages along the rocky coast, between small islands and coves, are all historical fishing villages. You also have the opportunity to buy fresh fish from the Baltic Sea directly from the boats in your Danish holiday home.

The Åland archipelago in southern Finland consists of 6,500 islands and archipelagos. The landscape is unique and inspires not only the locals, but also holidaymakers. Nevertheless, the island world is anything but overflowing – on the contrary, the Åland Islands are considered an insider tip. For those who are looking for peace and quiet, make sure to visit here.