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Lapland is definitely the travel region for those who appreciate individual trips. The wideness and tranquillity makes for a unique calmness that no other place in the world can provide. The attractions of Lapland are usually associated with nature, with an abundance of dogs and reindeer and outdoor activities like snowmobile safaris, snowshoeing and ice fishing. It’s the only area where you can tour on icebreakers, ride on Icelandic horses, or swim in the ice hole. Rent Finnish holiday cottages from NOVASOL and discover the glory of this real life winter wonderland.

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The Sami culture

There are about 8,000 Sami people that live in Finland. Since 1992, Saami is the official language in certain parts of northern Finland. The Sami are northern Europe's indigenous people, with their history going as far back as their settlement 10,000 years ago. Many of the Sami people are engaged in reindeer herding, but there’s also Sami people that deal with hunting, fishing, handcrafts and tourism. The Sami culture is a broad term and encompasses everything from music, literature and theatre to handcrafts, food and customs. All of this is best experienced with Finland holiday cottages from NOVASOL.

Light…and a lot of dark

Opposites make up the magic of Lapland. In the summer the country is plunged into almost eternal sunlight – even throughout the night – whilst in winter the days are long and dark. The lively cities and ski resorts sit side by side from the peace and quiet of the endless wilderness. Many know the Northern Lights only from documentaries, but in a cottage holiday in Finland, you’ll get the opportunity to experience this mystical phenomenon for yourself. Crown your winter holiday in Finland with a cross-country ski tour, dogsledding or a snowshoe hike under the amazing Northern Lights. After a trip into the cold, clear night of Lapland, you’ll want nothing more than to warm up on the crackling fire of the stove in your NOVASOL holiday home.


A nature holiday in Northern Finland is an experience for all the senses, not just viewable in summer or winter. Of course there are year-round things to do in Finland, and each season brings out new and fresh qualitites to a self-catering experience there. Ruska is the name given to the Finnish autumn, where all the trees’ leaves are painted in shades of red, yellow, brown and purple. This time of year is the last chance to experience sunshine-filled days before temperatures dip below freezing, and sees a perfect farewell to the summer months.

Finland holiday cottages

Inari romance between pine and spruce

Surrounded by the lake there are mountains with fine restaurants, with lookout points where you can take in the magnificent views of dense forestation and crystal clear lakes. Feast on fried cheese, reindeer or salmon on rye bread for a taste of Finnish cuisine. During the warmer months, you can take a refreshing swim in the lakes. Over the surrounding area in the Inari village is an art museum which describes the history and life of the Sami.

Visit Kemijärvi and Rovaniemi

Kemijärvi is the northernmost city in Finland, which boasts the wonderful river Kemijoki that has a lot to offer. Here you can trek the nature trail, ski down the 410-metre Suomutunturi mountain or visit the Art Museum Puustelli. There are also well-guided routes from your holiday cottages in Finland for making your way to the eastern regions of Salla. For those who want total quietude, there aren’t many places more remote in Finland to have a peaceful outdoor fire in the lush wilderness. Rovaniemi is located on the Arctic Circle, and to the average visitor, you’ll recognise this as the official home of Santa Claus. Although he’s always busy, you can always visit his workshop all year round – an experience that the children will love. However, it’s an experience not just for kids! With more than 180 days a year of snow, winter is the dominant season here, but there’s a Science Centre Pilke full of dynamic exhibits for those curious about the area’s arctic forestation.

The Rauna Zoo

There are 60 different species of animals that live in Rauna Zoo, including polar bears, wolves, reindeer and elk, all of coming from the Arctic and Northern latitudes. Despite the changing climate, the zoo is open all year round with a special zoo of cuddly toys for its youngest visitors. The zoo also plays host to many child-friendly activities including an assault course, horse riding, a petting zoo and various ice cream stops. This is a must for families looking for things to do in Finland.

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Rental holidays in Lapland every season

Book your NOVASOL rental in Finland today. Experience the land of the Sami in all its facets – whether it’s a winter holiday with auroras and ice fishing or a summer holiday where the sun refuses to set. Whether you book a Finnish apartment in West Finland, East Finland, North or South, it truly is a holiday of opposites and there’s something for everyone in this magical country.