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Holiday homes in Savonlinna - holiday accommodation in Finland

Do you like beautiful and unique scenery, cultural experiences, pretty towns and exciting activities? If the answer is yes, you should consider renting one of our options for holiday accommodation in Finland - and more precisely, in the Savonlinna region. Here, a holiday becomes anything but boring and with a holiday home from NOVASOL, you get the ideal setting for exploring this fantastic region.

Holidays in Finland

Activities in scenic Finland

It is no secret that Finland is filled with spectacular scenery, and the Savonlinna is no exception. The Linnansaari National Park, located in the middle of Lake Haukivesi, represents the Finnish seaside landscape at its best - with hundreds of islands and large open waters, this national park is a true paradise for nature lovers.

Savonlinna is a wonderful destination all year round. In the summer there are great opportunities for kayaking and canoeing as well as simply relaxing on the breathtaking Lake Saimaa. There is also good news for any golf enthusiast whilst self-catering in Finlandyou can play golf at the Saimaa Lake - on a day with a clear sky when the sun shines and you have a view of Saimaa. And for those more experienced golfers, you can try one of Finland's most challenging golf courses, Kerigolf, in the town of Kerimäki.

In the winter there is of course also a wide range of activities to make the most of when renting a holiday home in Southern Finland. It is possible, for example, to skate on lake Saimaa once it has frozen over. Many people in the area also love to ski and there is the possibility of cross country skiing and alpine skiing. For a fun and different experience you can go ice-floating on the Saimaa lake. This involves wearing a specialised thermal suit whilst floating on the cold water.

Holidays in Savonlinna - holiday accommodation in Finland

Sights and attractions in Savonlinna

If you enjoy museums more than skiing, the Savonlinna region is also a great choice of holiday destination on the cultural front. Already in the 1400s, the region's capital, Savonlinna, began to take shape, but only in 1639 was the city officially founded. There is nothing more charming than walking along the old streets and getting to know the story of Savonlinna's old town and the Finnish history in general. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the district has had the nickname of the 'Parisian street' because of its cobbled streets and street lamps. Today it is an incredibly popular place to visit, and the old wooden buildings today house restaurants, galleries and independent shops. 

There are also churches and castles scattered throughout the region. In Savonlinna city, the castle Olavinlinna (Olafs castle), built back in the 15th century, is the northernmost medieval castle built from stone still standing today. Every year, the Savonlinna opera festival is held at the castle. In the town of Kerimäki you can admire the world's largest church built of wood.

And now for a really fun fact: Savonlinna is the home of the unique sport of mobile throwing! A sport that started in 2000, Savonlinna has held annual world championships in mobile throwing. As the name also suggests that you have to throw a mobile phone - you will then be judged by distance, as well as technique. This is definitely a sight worth seeing during your stay in your chosen holiday accommodation in Finland!

As you can see, Savonlinna is an amazing holiday destination filled with experiences that everyone can enjoy. NOVASOL has more than 50 years experience when it comes to providing high-quality holiday rentals, so if you want to rent a holiday home in Finland, you are in good hands with us. 

Holidays in Finland