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Finnish Lake District

The Finnish Lake District offers the best opportunities for outdoor activities, especially those on water. Here you can try canoeing, sailing, swimming and fishing in the district. Culturally, the region has a lot to offer for holiday makers. To help you plan your vacation at the cottage from the beginning, we have provided you with a selection of points of interest which showcase the variety of the region. The largest lake district in Europe is made up of a labyrinth of lakes, rivers, canals and islands.This landscape is interspersed with forests and mountains providing a beautiful backdrop to your Finnish holiday cottage experience. The lakes are spread throughout Finland, but it’s the East has grandest lakes for visiting. Nearby to Russia is the Saimaa lake district where you’ll find many lakes, rivers and water streets. The area stretches from the west of Kuopio to Nurmes in the North, where you’ll be amazed by the natural beauty. See for yourself why Finland is called the "land of a thousand lakes". Find your holiday home in Finland’s total tranquility and take in the unique nature on the winding Saimaa lakes. Your stay in Finland will make for a carefree holiday.

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Kuopi lies in the interior of Finland and is one of the eighth largest cities in the country with more than 90,000 inhabitants. The city flourished when the Saimaa Canal was opened in the mid-19th century so timber could be transported by ship from the lake to the sea. A major attraction is the observation tower at the top of Puijo hill. For family fun, go to the zoo, which is home to 40 different species. The art museum lies in the centre where special and unique art treasures are exhibited. This is a must see from your Finnish apartments and holiday homes.


Mikkeli is the capital of the province of Eastern Finland. The city was not given town rights until 1838 and the history of the city is very diverse. This is reflected in the various buildings, such as the Orthodox church or cathedral built in the late 19th century. There have been several wars and this can be seen in the museum headquarters. View historical objects and pictures in the Suur Savo Museum and take a look into the history of Mikkeli, and its environmental changes in the area over time. Your Finnish cottage rental in Mikkeli will be a fantastic starting point for your vacation.


The city of Jyväskylä is located in the province of Western Finland and is situated on the northern tip of the lake Päijänne. Rent a cottage in West Finland and discover its quaint beauty. This city is growing very fast and is home to 128,000 people. It's an educational city which has the nickname the ‘Athens of Finland’. The famous architect Alvar Aalto comes from this town and there’s a museum about his life. Other museums include the Museum of Crafts or the Open Air Museum. If you want to visit more museums than just one, you can buy a combined ticket for only €10 - this is valid for a host of museums, making Jyväskylä a cheap holiday destination in Finland.

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Castle Olavinlinna in Savonlinna

Castle Olavinlinna was built in 1475 and served as a border between East and West when it resided in Swedish territory. The castle is located on a small rocky island in Saimaa. In the past, the Russians took the castle at one point and changed the two towers in the corners. Today, the castle has a very different function as it plays host to Savonlinna Open opera festival which takes place annually - a marvellous celebration of Finnish culture.

Botanical Gardens Joensuu

The real flora and fauna enthusiasts renting our Finnish holiday cottages can indulge in the botanical garden Joensuu. Here you will find more than 1000 species of plants from different climatic zones. Make sure to spot the turtles and talking cockatoos in the Tropical House. In the butterfly garden, you can admire beautiful butterflies between April and late September. The garden is conveniently open year-round, but it’s closed on Tuesdays.


The city of Kajaani is located in the Oulu province and lies on the river Kajaaninjoki. Here you can view the ruins of Kajaani Castle or the wood church of Paltaniemi. You can also view the beautiful ceiling and wall paintings and, depending on season, go to a concert on the grounds. Art lovers can take a look at the art museum of Kajaani, telling the story of Kalevala and shows the natural tar extraction. Again, a great one for Finnish culture.

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From lakeside Finnish holiday cottages to the group of museums that tell the story of Finland’s history, you’ll soon see that the Lake District is the perfect destination for those who want to take the outdoors to its limits. With NOVASOL, you can put your holiday in our hands and trust our expertise in European holiday homes. Find a full range on our website, where you can book 24/7 and find anything from cosy cottage rentals or just a place to cool off after taking on the lakes. Simply choose a region for your holiday and you will be well on your way.