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Our self-catering holiday homes in Finland, the so called 'country of thousand lakes', are situated all over this beautiful country; a country which is full of deep forests, clear lakes and fresh air. Whilst spending a self-catering holiday in Finland, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the country with its stunning landscapes and fantastic nature. Experience the tranquillity and recover in one of our holiday cottages in Finland including country cottages and villas. Whether you decide to stay in our Finland cottage rentals that are located next to a lake or surrounded by forest, why not browse our full range of properties and start planning your adventure today?

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Holiday cottages in Finland - Things to do

Book your self-catering holiday in Finland today and find out more about the famous Finnish hospitality, their culture and their beguiling landscapes. Our self-catering holiday homes in Finland are wonderfully unique and well-positioned for excursions and activities. Why not take a day-trip to the ever-popular and fascinating city of Helsinki; or spend time taking a stroll around one of the smaller Finnish towns and discover some hidden gems during your stay in one of our holiday rentals in Finland? It is also worth exploring the wilderness of Lappland in the south west of the country. The vast and wild region is home to incredible phenomena such as the 'midnight sun' and of course the famous Northern Lights - a natural spectacle not to be missed. Lappland is also home to the Santa Claus Village; trip here in winter is guaranteed to delight the younger members of your party during your self-catering holiday in Finland!

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Year-round self-catering Finland

Why not visit Finland for your next self-catering holiday in Northern Europe, it is a great destination at any time of year? Perhaps the west coast of Finland, with its hot summers and mild, sunny winters is the right Finland holiday destination for you. The west coast of Finland is the ideal destination for fishermen as it offer a diverse and abundant supply of fish as well as amazingly peaceful surroundings for you to enjoy. Finnish lakes have the perfect water temperature for swimming and other water sports during the summer months, and most areas will have a great variety of water-based activities on offer for both children and adults. During a winter holiday in Finland, you can enjoy fun in the snow, as well as some fantastic scenery; perhaps venture out on a romantic walk or experiment with ice-skating!

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Finnish holiday cottages - Traditions in Finland

Many people associate saunas with Finnish culture - and rightly so! There are around 3 million saunas in Finland - impressive, considering the whole population is only around 5 million! Taking a sauna is therefore one of the most popular Finnish past times. The tradition has existed for over 1,500 years and is said to be good for your immune system as well as being a great way to relax and unwind. Remarkably, it is not uncommon for business people to conclude their transactions with a sweat together! Most of our country cottages to rent in Finland possess a traditional Finnish sauna, so we would definitely recommend trying it out during your holiday in Finland. And afterwards, it is traditional to jump into the cool, clear lakes to re-balance the body.

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Family holidays in Finland

As any proud Fin will tell you, the town of Rovaniemi is the original home of Santa Claus; if you are travelling with children, why not take them to meet Santa’s Elves? They are sure to love it and together you will make memories that will last a life time. Choosing self-catering accommodation offers amazing activities which children and adults alike are bound to find thrilling, such as Reindeer and Husky sledding. NOVASOL offers holiday homes across Scandinavia, many of which would make the perfect setting for a wonderful family holidays in Northern Europe. If travelling in winter for your self-catering holiday in Finland then you will be able to indulge in typical outdoor pursuits such as tobogganing, ice-skating and skiing. Finnish lakes have the perfect water temperature for swimming and other water sports during the summer months, and most areas will have a great variety of water-based activities on offer for both children and adults to enjoy during a family holiday in Finland.

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How to get to your holiday home in Finland

The easiest way to travel to Finland and to get to your holiday rentals Finland is to fly to Helsinki or to one of the smaller regional Finnish airports and rent a car. This also allows you great freedom and flexibility as you can go wherever you want and explore the lovely landscapes whenever you want. By choosing one of NOVASOL's holiday cottages in Finland, you will be able to reap the many benefits of self-catering holidays. Another option is to travel to Finland from continental Europe using one of the ferries.

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Thank you for a wonderful holiday. The house (Property ID: UBN166) was very big and comfortable, and it was located in a very quiet place. The house has everything you need and it is equipped with the latest technology. The owner is very friendly person and always helped when needed. Near the house there are many places of interest.We highly recommend for a family holiday.

Michael from Southend, October 2015