Self-catering Hurghada accommodation

NOVASOL offers a wide selection of holiday homes in Egypt and holiday apartments in Hurghada in beautiful resorts which over friendly and efficient service. The coastal resort is popular with families, couple and diving enthusiasts from all over the world. There is something on offer for just about everyone in Hurghada, with a huge range of activities on offer within easy reach of your self-catering Hurghada accommodation. Enjoy relaxing on one of the beautiful sandy beaches, diving or snorkeling in the crystal clear and warm waters of the Red Sea or making the most of the nightlife opportunities that the area has to offer.

Hurghada - from the fishing village to the world famous diving metropolis

This world-class diver's paradise offers not only fantastic underwater worlds but many other ingredients for the perfect holiday with plenty of sun. We are confident that we can offer you the right self-catering Hurghada accommodation to suit your needs. Browse our range of holiday homes in Egypt online today.

Versatile holidays in Hurghada on the Red Sea

Year after year, this top diving destination is visited by both novice and experienced divers who come to explore the crystalline waters, incredible coral reefs and the stunning wildlife of the Red Sea. However, there is more to discover during your stay in your self-catering Hurghada accommodation. You will also find excellent golf courses, a diverse range of water sports and wonderfully relaxing spas.

City Life by the Sea - Hurghada City

Hurghada City is 550 km away from Cairo and is within easy reach from Sharm el Sheikh by ferry, as well as by road from Luxor. Each part of the city has its own distinct feel for you to discover during your stay in any one of our holiday homes in Egypt in Hurghada. For example, Sigala is known for its beach resorts and luxurious restaurant, whilst El-Dahar is home to a large bazaar and El-Memsha is thought of as the modern part of the city.

Romantic lagoons - Elgouna

Beautiful turquoise lagoons, luxurious beach resorts and excellent spa facilities make Elgouna the perfect honeymoon destination, or even better, a destination for a stylish wedding. But Elgouna is also suitable for other occasions, including family or active holidays. If you fancy a little adventure, head to the nearby desert, where the nomadic Bedouin people live and you can enjoy a cup of traditional mint tea with the desert sky as your backdrop.

Pure luxury - Sahl Hasheesh

Take a stroll along the beautiful white sand beach, where comfortable sun loungers and beach huts await you. To make your stay as pleasant as possible, waiters will offer you a towel, refreshments and umbrellas. Explore the colorful underwater world with a snorkel, or simply enjoy the comfort of this luxury resort.

In Hurghada you can expect summer temperatures that reach far beyond the usual summer months. The average temperatures allow also in spring and autumn a nice bath in the Red Sea near your holiday home or your holiday apartment in Hurghada.
• Winter (December - February) 17 ° C
• Spring (March - May) 24 ° C
• Summer (June - August) 30 ° C
• Autumn (September - November) 25 ° C

The beautiful marina in Hurghada

Breathe in fresh sea air and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the beautiful marina in Hurghada, close to your self-catering Hurghada accommodation. The area was renovated in 2008 and given a new, elegant look. Take a romantic stroll before stopping for a cool drink and watching the world go by. There are plenty of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines as well as cafes and bars where you can stop for a refreshing cup of mint tea, a beer or a light snack before continuing your explorations.