Holiday homes in Egypt by the Red Sea

Spend your holiday on the Red Sea in one of our range of holiday apartments or holiday homes in Egypt on the Red Sea and enjoy the best of what this area has to offer whilst making the most of the sense of freedom and flexibility that comes with choosing a self-catering holiday. NOVASOL offers a great range of holiday apartments in well-equipped holiday resorts across the fantastic Red Sea region of Egypt. Each and every one of our holiday homes in Egypt has been personally visited and inspected by a NOVASOL representative to ensure that it meets our exacting quality standards.  

Holiday homes in Egypt - Rivoli Spa & Wellness Center in Paradise Village

Immerse yourself in a world full of luxury and exotic scents and experience wonderful relaxation in this wellness centre on the Red Sea. Exquisite decor, serene music and exotic scents will make you forget about everyday life. Do something for both your well-being and your health when you decide to spend your self-catering Egypt holiday in one of our holiday apartments on the Red Sea at the Rivoli Spa & Wellness or the spa and wellness center at Paradise Village, a true delight for all the senses.

Apartments on the Oriental Coast - luxury and adventure in equal measure

Here the sun shines throughout the year which means you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing no matter what time of year you decide to rent one of our holiday homes in Egypt. Enjoy the best of both worlds during your stay in your chosen self-catering accommodation in Egypt, whether you are hoping for a relaxing beach holiday, or want to make the most of the range of activities on offer, there's something for everyone on the Red Sea.

Apartments at Sentido Oriental Dream Resort on the Red Sea

The Sentindo Oriental Dream Resort is located on the eastern part of the coast on a beautiful private beach. It offers the perfect mix of adventure, luxury and relaxation. Whether you are looking for a spa pampering program, a long shopping trip or just a great day at the beach during your holiday in one of our hand-picked holiday homes in Egypt, you will find it here. The beach extends for 7.5 km and serves as an international marina with 200 moorings for boats and yachts.

Holiday accommodation on the Red Sea at the Domina Coral Bay Resort

Here, where the rocky desert of Sinai meets the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, you can enjoy a truly unique and magical atmosphere. The Domina Coral Bay Resort. It's like a small town in the city of Sharm el Sheikh, with everything you need during your self-catering Egypt holiday. The grounds of the resort are manicured and filled with palm trees, exotic plants and grassy areas.

• All the paths in the resort are step-free and there are ramps and lifts to the restaurants, pools and beaches.
• On the grounds you will also find entertainment for the whole family, including pools, sports activities and children's entertainment.
• There are a number of shops and restaurants offering lots of the essentials you might need during your holiday.
• Sharm el Sheikh International Airport is only 9 km away and there are good transport connections.
• The Domina Coral Bay Resort consists of numerous villas and private apartments. The 100-hectare site extends over a hilly landscape overlooking the beautiful bay. The view of the coral reefs of the nearby island of Tiran will take your breath away. Guests have direct access to the 1.8 km long private sandy beach.
• You will enjoy use of a total of 8 pools at this resort.

The Coral Kids Club - the children's club at the Domina Coral Bay Resort - offers fun for kids aged between 4 and 12 with the club's mascot; Fox Aruba. Playgrounds, drama classes and other creative activities make up the programme that children can enjoy here during your stay in one of our range of holiday homes in Egypt.

Pampering and wellness at the Domina Coral Bay

Elisir Spa is a luxurious spa and wellness facility located in the lovely Domina Coral Bay Resort in a picturesque sea-front location. The tranquil atmosphere allows for complete relaxation during your stay in your chosen holiday homes in Egypt. You can enjoy a wide range of treatments here, including wonderfully relaxing massages surrounded by calming pools and waterfalls.

Soothing massages and aromatic oils

Even the ancient Egyptians knew about the relaxing effects of proper massage techniques on tired muscles and tissues, as descriptions of hand and foot massages on temple walls show! Hygiene was also very important in Egyptian society. In addition to their cleansing effect, baths also had a ritual significance. Natural ingredients such as olives, balsam and sesame have been used to create nourishing skin products that have proven benefits.
Relax in one of the many pools, Jacuzzis or Vichy showers - which stimulates blood flow and purifies the skin.

If you really want to melt the tension away, why not unwind in a hot sauna or, if you like it milder, in the Turkish bath on warm stones which will surely do your airways some good with a humidity of up to 100%, which creates a fine, moist mist at temperatures around 48 ° C  which calms and frees the body of toxins and calms. This tradition dates back to Roman times.