Holiday apartments in Marsa Matruh

Once upon a time, the northern coast of Egypt was a hidden secret and the preferred destination for the inhabitants of Cairo to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. However, in recent years, this attractive region has managed to establish itself as a world-class coastal resort, offering guests in our holiday homes in Egypt a taste of the very best that this wonderful country has to offer. Choose from our carefully hand-selected range of holiday homes and holiday apartments in Marsa Matruh and you can look forward to a holiday in luxurious and tranquil surroundings. Visitors from all over the world flock here to enjoy the great scenery and warm year-round climate.

Holiday homes in Egypt on the north coast - but where?


We offer a range of holiday homes and apartments in areas across Egypt, including a great range of holiday apartments in Marsa Matruh. Browse our full range online today and find the one that's right for you.

• Marina El-Alamein: El Alamein is located between Alexandria and Marsa Matruh. A place that has become known for historical and political events and where a number of monuments and memorials today still remind of the past times. According to Winston Churchill, this is the place with the best climate in the world!
• Marsa Matruh: A paradise-like, relatively secluded place, nestled in a bay and protected by rocks against the open sea, lies on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. The Matruh region stretches to the border with Libya along 450km of coastline.
• Ras el Hikma: The Mountain View Resort on the North Coast is considered the perfect place for a luxurious holiday.

Holiday homes in Egypt - Marina El-Alamein

Great weather and beaches attract many Egyptians and visitors from further a field to Marina E-Alamein on the north coast of Egypt. Luxurious new resorts are line the coast whilst the newly built El-Alamein Airport provides easy access to major European cities. During a construction project, ruins of a Hellenistic-Roman settlement were discovered in Marina El-Alamain in 1986. Due to the diversity of its burial sites, this find has attracted much interest in the archaeological world.

Holiday homes and apartments in Marsa Matruh

Long, white sandy beaches with crystal clear water, such as Agiba and Gharam, are among the many things that attract visitors to one of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in the world. It is said that even Cleopatra bathed in the calm waters of Marsa Matruh. Why not take a leaf our of her book and enjoy a relaxing swim in these beautifully clear waters during your stay in your chosen holiday homes in Egypt and, more specifically, your holiday apartments in Marsa Matruh. The colour of the water here changes from blue to green and is home to hundreds of colourful species of fish. Temperatures in winter rarely dip below 14 ° C.

Resort Ras el Hikma - Apartments on the north coast of Egypt in a luxurious oasis of well-being

A small Bedouin village about 50 km east of Marsa Matruh and a long sandy beach are the only neighbors of the Mountain View resort on the north coast. This makes it one of Egypt's most exclusive resorts and a truly luxurious oasis of calm. This is the perfect location for those of you looking to escape the stresses and strains of daily like during your self-catering holidays in one of our holiday homes in Egypt.

Holidays homes to rent on the north coast of Egypt - every taste catered for!

We think you will find during your stay in one of our holiday homes in Egypt or holiday apartments in Marsa Matruh that the architecture is reminiscent of the beautiful Greek island of Santorini: whitewashed facades and blue window frames. Each of or range of holiday apartments to rent in Marsa Matruh has been personally visited by a NOVASOL representative to ensure that they meet our exacting quality standards both inside and out. Moreover, you will have access to a wide range of amenities and facilities whilst staying in this holiday village, including a tennis court, spa, laundry service and even a doctors office should you need it.

Family-friendly accommodation - Ras el Hikma resort

If you are travelling with any little ones, then you can relax as the resort is well-suited to children. The paths are wide and the beach is car-free. The waters around the resort are also safe because of a break-water that shelters the bay from the full force of the sea. There are also life guards at all pools and beaches. So, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday for the whole family to enjoy whilst staying in one of our holiday apartments in Marsa Matruh.

Great year-round temperature on the north coast of Egypt in every season

In the north of Egypt you can look forward to summer temperatures reaching far beyond the usual summer months. The average temperatures allow you to swim and sunbathe in spring and autumn during your stay in your chosen self-catering Egypt accommodation.
• Winter (December - February) 14 ° C
• Spring (March - May) 18 ° C
• Summer (June - August) 25 ° C
• Autumn (September - November) 22 ° C