Holiday homes Denmark - Discovering culture

Denmark is a small but beautiful and culturally rich country, making it possible to experience a lot during your self-catering holiday. Denmark, a democratic country with a great economic equality and a homogenous population, has been a member of the European Union since the year 1973. The majority of religious people are protestants and members of the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church. Danes love travelling and often speak at least two foreign languages, making this country even more open and welcoming for tourists and other cultures. Book any of NOVASOL’s holiday homes in Denmark and explore the beauty of this nation.

Self-catering in Denmark - home of artists

The culture of Denmark has a rich, artistic and an intellectual heritage. Culture and arts thrive because of the high governmental funding that they receive. Book our villas in Denmark and explore the wonderful culture of this region directly administered by Danish citizens. Danish artists are able to devote their time to their work, while museums, films and theatres receive national support. Visit a range of local and internationally acclaimed galleries near your holiday lettings including both modern and traditional arts and crafts. You may encounter the works of Danish-Icelandic sculptor Ólafur Elíasson, the paintings of artist and director Viggo Mortensen, or the classic pieces of Danish-French Impressionist Camille Pisarro.

Danish culture in Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen, which is home to many famous cultural sites and attractions within reach of your accommodation in Denmark. Some of the major points of interest include Tivoli Gardens, Christiansburg Palace, Copenhagen Cathedral, the Little Mermaid Sculpture and many more. Visit in the summer and watch Hand Christian Anderson’s stories come alive in theatre, see bands play in a variety of locations or visit Paper Island for some top notch cuisine. Some of our self-catering villas in Denmark are located in the centre of the country, making Copenhagen a fantastic day trip destination.

Aarhus - European Capital of Culture 2017!

Aarhus became the European Capital of Culture at the beginning of 2017, proving itself as a bastion for performance, artwork and pride in both old and new Danish traditions. Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark, but the surrounding countryside also has a lot to offer. A wealth of exciting and cultural events on a wide range of topics will be presented to visitors in Aarhus, so this is a wonderful destination for those interested in Danish culture. The festivities are placed under the motto Rethink. Rent a holiday lettings in East Jutland and discover the diversity of the European Capital of Culture whilst on holiday in Denmark!

Folklore and folk culture in Denmark

Danish folklore consists of folk tales, legends, songs, dance, music and expressing popular beliefs and traditions. This interest in preserving national heritage has passed on in many forms from generation to generation. Your Danish holiday homes are the key to discovering a world of mythical storytelling including compelling tales of magical elves, trolls and goblins. If considering things to do in Denmark, we also recommend watching a traditional Danish folk dance performance, where types of polska, minuet and square dancing are exhibited in traditional costumes often made from wool or flax. Typical instruments accompanying this type of dance are drums, bagpipes and fiddles.

Danish cuisine

Renting holiday homes in Denmark is a great way to explore one of the most popular aspects of Danish culture – the cuisine. Perhaps most well-known for the Danish pastry and varieties of liquorice sweets, food in Denmark is delicious and full of interesting meals. We recommend you to taste some the local delicacies of this country, including traditional dishes like fried fish, roast pork with red cabbage, pork chops and mouth-watering pot-roasted chicken. Sample pickled vegetables, smoked fish and comforting potato dishes whilst self-catering in Denmark and take the opportunity to use your kitchen and create Danish-inspired dishes whilst you are away!

Discover Denmark as a creative powerhouse

Denmark is well-known for fantastic designs and inventions. Famous brands include Bang & Olufson, Carlsberg, Pandora and Ecco. Rent direct holiday homes in Denmark and you can visit the Danish Museum of Art & Design in Copenhagen, where you can learn more about this part of Danish culture. Most exciting for the whole family could possibly discovering Lego at the home of its creation! Stay in Danish holiday cottages West Jutland and visit the original Legoland, where children can let their imaginations run wild and families can enjoy a day out together.

Service – Why NOVASOL?

NOVASOL’s holiday homes in Denmark are often designed in the typical Danish style, with light and modern interiors and comfortable furnishings. You are sure to become accustomed to your holiday home quickly and with great ease, especially as Danish culture is so warm and welcoming and NOVASOL customer service reflects this. Being a Danish company and with local offices on the ground, we will be on hand before, during and after your stay at our villas in Denmark for anything you might need. From glamorous apartments to dog-friendly cottages, there is something for everyone to be booked all year round. Start your journey by subscibing to our weekly email newsletter here for our very best offers sent straight to your inbox.