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Denmark was not always a destination known for its cuisine, but in recent years it can be said that interests in Scandinavia’s cuisine have certainly been piqued. It is no longer just for the fantastic scenery and first-class hospitality that people visit Denmark, but also for the fascinating Danish culture and delicious food. Although pork, fish and vegetables still remain to be the backbone of many local menus, there are many surprising and exciting uses of these ingredients to discover from your holiday lettings. the diversity and uniqueness of flavour is something truly mouthwatering and spectacular for somebody visiting Denmark on a holiday.

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Culinary holidays whilst self-catering

Your accommodation in Denmark is the key to discovering this rich tapestry of Danish food without breaking the bank. With your own cooking facilities at your villas in Denmark, you can shop directly from local markets and supermarkets as Danish people do and experiment with fresh ingredients at your holiday rentals. Of course this freedom to create your own schedule and plans also includes eating out – where you can decide when the feeling takes you to eat at a Michelin starred restaurant, an authentic cafe, a cold buffet spot, or even a hot-dog van (or pølsevogn) on the go whilst sightseeing.

Fishing holidays in Denmark

Fishing holidays – Seafood and Danish cuisine

Denmark has a wonderfully rich fishing history and a coastline of over 7,300 km. Fish being one of the staples of Danish gastronomy, it is unsurprising that fishing holidays are so popular in Denmark. You can get some first-hand experience by renting one of our authentic cottages right by the water and see if you can catch your own dinner. For those more interested in sampling Denmark’s seafood in a restaurant, keep an eye out for dishes such as pickled herring, smoked salmon or eel, shrimp smørrebrød and breaded plaice or cod. Whether you are more interested in fishing or eating fish, there are plenty of things to do in Denmark.

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Denmark villas – Meat dishes

Although all is not lost for vegetarians on a self-catering holiday in Denmark, there is a big tradition for eating meat. In particular, pork is favoured in many forms, including Frikadeller (meatballs) often served with red cabbage and potatoes, pork hot dogs and slices of roast meat served on an open-faced rye bread sandwich, called a smørrebrød. Steaks, chicken soups and roast pork with crackling are also popular options for those who eat meat. Perhaps try some of these dishes on your family holidays, or even master them yourselves at your Danish holiday homes. Many even have a barbecue!

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Denmark holiday lettings – Vegetables

Potatoes are absolutely central in Danish cooking and you will discover this immediately when renting holiday homes in Denmark. At restaurants you will find them prepared in a variety of ways, but they are always offered. Other popular accompaniments include cabbage dishes and pickled cucumbers, carrots, onions and salad. Prominent herbs also include dill, parsley and chives, which you will find with many vegetable dishes – whether boiled, roasted or pickled. Your holiday rentals in Denmark are the perfect place to find out about new and exciting flavours, or to seek out the origins of where your favourite Danish dishes come from.

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Try Denmark’s national dish at your villas

A classic example of Danish cuisine to try whilst visiting Denmark is ‘Stegt flæsk med persillesovs’ or crispy fried pork with parsley sauce. In 2014, 63,000 Danish people voted this traditional dish to represent their country with this particular meal winning by a landslide vote. The pork belly is thick cut and then fried to a crispy texture, served with boiled potatoes and parsley sauce. A favourite with adults and children alike, this is a must-try at your direct holiday homes. You are also sure to find more regional specialties, like smoked fish with egg if you rent your holiday homes in Bornholm, sakkuk flour pudding on Fanø or hearty casseroles and sausages with cabbage in South Jutland.

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Danish desserts – A must for family holidays

Both children and adults will love exploring the sweet treats on the Danish menu whilst at your holiday rental. Whilst Danish pastries are well-known worldwide, there is a lot more to tempt those with a sweet tooth after a meal on your holidays in Denmark. To begin with, enjoy fresh fruits that are recurrent not just on their own in the Danish diet, but also worked into other dishes – like apple doughnuts, cherry sauce over rice pudding or redcurrant jelly. Chocolate, licorice and marzipan shops are also prevalent, whilst the delicious breads and cakes found in bakeries are the jewel in the crown. Find standard Danish opening hours in our page of important facts about Denmark.

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