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A holiday with tradition

Moravia is one of three historic Czech lands. Its name comes from the eponymous river Morava - arising on the spectacular Králický Sněžník and running through the whole territory to the Danube. Do you want to relax and enjoy your holiday in peace, safe in the knowledge that you have secured quality holiday homes in Czech Republic in Moravia at a price that won’t break the bank? The Czech Republic is the ideal location to get away from the everyday bustle in a friendly, hospitable country. There’s no need to leave the kids at home, either. Moravia is a beautiful destination for family holidays.

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Mountainous areas in North Moravia

There’s no right way to experience Moravia’s charm - you’ll find varied Czech Republic accommodation in cottages, holiday homes or hotels. A holiday in the Czech Republic can be the quiet relaxation you deserve. Children will be wide-eyed at the history as you pass through the region, where there is always something new to discover. You’ll have the unique opportunity to view gothic underground caves of the Moravian Karst with its impressive abyss. It’s an ideal opportunity to take a bike and ride along cycle paths. Get to know Moravia by the saddle – the land lends itself to cycling holidays.

Heritage sites

Moravia hosts plenty of interesting sights and attractions, with eight of them listed on the UNESCO Czech Heritage Sites. All sights very well prove the importance of Morava, reminding you that it was the first city state in the territory. You’ll see a huge number of churches, monasteries and the breath taking Archbishop's Palace. As you go South, you’ll encounter Brno and its dominant features in the hills along Špilberk Castle. You could also make a day trip to Prague from Moravia or Bohemia, or split your trip in two with Prague apartments from NOVASOL.

Holiday homes in Czech Republic

Fans of hiking and cycling holidays will find solace in Moravia’s scenic hills, bike paths and hiking trails that lead the way through some of the most beautiful scenes in Czech Republic. Book your accommodation in South Moravia, because believe us, you won’t want to leave. If you aren’t sporty enough to view it all on a bike saddle, you’ll certainly enjoy a visit to one of the many hundreds of cellars that are located here. Czech accommodation can be booked in pastoral villages near ponds, lakes and scented mountain tops, but also near cities full of history and life, often in the middle of mountainous slumbering giants. In Moravia, you’ll encounter the landscape of knowledge and experience, steeped in serenity and endless possibilities.

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Ski adventures

Silesian Beskids and the North Moravia Mountains are justifiably referred to as some of the most beautiful mountains in the country. Both in summer and in winter, you will find perfect ski resorts and beautiful hiking trails. On a clear day, you can view a breathtaking panorama of Bielsko-Biala and the Skrzyczne Mountain. Mountain cottages in Bohemia offer regional cuisine and tranquillity with views of the countryside, for those who want to live how the locals do. Accommodation in Bohemia-Moravia highlands are never too far from the tourist attractions and hidden treats that the area has to offer. Moravia mainly consists of a wonderfully diverse scenery and quiet pace of life, which makes it ideal for a family holiday abroad.

Pilgrimages and festivals

In the sleepy town of Kroměříž, you’ll encounter Archbishop’s Chateau - a masterpiece consisting of a complex of several buildings surrounding a central courtyard with an 84-metre-high tower. The palace is on the Unesco World Heritage Site and is a great place to lose yourself in for a few hours. The highest peak in the White Carpathians is Velká Javorina, towering at a huge 970 metres, located on the border of Slovakia (see our accommodation in Slovakia here). On the Slovak side, the mountain hut Holuby is reachable by road from the nearby town Stará Turá. Below this mountain hut there are trails for skiing. Velehrad Monastery is the most significant shrine at the Morava and is visited annually by thousands of pilgrims each year. A pleasant 735-metre hike up the fabled mountain Hostýn is rewarded with a wonderful view of stone tower and a visit to Valfartskirken. It’s said that a spring of holy water appeared out of the ground while people who were seeking asylum prayed to the Virgin Mary in the 13th century. Likewise, Zlín-Lešná Zoo is only 10 miles from the city Zlín at Olomouc and is strongly recommended. At the beginning of September, there is an annual prune and plum party in the town of Vizovice. Here, everyone gets the opportunity to taste and enjoy the world-famous brandy Slivovitz obstler.

Moravian Karst

Moravian Karst, near the town of Blansko, occupies an area of 92sq². In the summer months it’s recommend to reserve entrance tickets to the park in advance by telephone as demand can be high. An electric train and a cableway is the best way to reach the site, as driving is illegal in the protected valleys. There’s a fine-meshed network of marked tourist trails to explore with some of the most exciting things to do in the Czech Republic. From the train station in Blansko to the Skalní mlýn Hotel, there is a road that is marked in green. From Sloup, you can follow a yellow route at the upper viewpoint meeting the red trail from Rudice. In the Movarian Karst areas, there are more than 1,100 caves, of which four are available to view, including the Punkevní jeskyně caves which offer a boat trip on the underground river of the same name as well as an inspection of the gorge Macocha. It is possible to visit the cave Kateřinská jeskyně which is known for its unique stalagmites; the cave Balcarka Jeskyně with its colorful drip stone mud; and the cave Sloupsko Šošůvské jeskyně which consists of coves and underground gorges.

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From ski holidays up on the North Movarian Mountains, a pilgrimage through Velehrad Monastery, or the gothic caves of the Movarian Karst – you’ll soon see that there’s more to Czech Republic than Prague. With NOVASOL, you can put your holiday in our hands and trust our expertise in European holiday homes. Find a full range on our website, where you can book 24/7 and find anything from mountainous cottages to toasty forest chalets by the Czech/Polish border. Simply choose a region for your holiday - from Prague apartments to Moravian mountain lodges - and you will be well on your way.