Self-catering accommodation in the Czech Republic

As well as the numerous culinary delights, areas of natural beauty, buzzing cultural hot-spots and great nightlife scene; the Czech Republic is also rich in a long and in-depth history and has plenty of important historical monuments dotted around to help to tell its story. Why not learn about a unique and enthralling history during your next European self-catering holidays in the Czech Republic with NOVASOL? We can offer Czech holiday accommodation all over this lovely country from which you can start exploring the history, culture and cuisine of the land - all whilst making lasting memories with your travel companions.

Historical treasures in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the home to many historical sites and treasures of European history, including numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, for you to discover and explore when you are staying in our self-catering holiday accommodation in the Czech Republic, including our Prague apartments. In fact, of the 730 designated sites around the globe; 11 of them are in the Czech Republic. Through these sites and museums you will find your way to the past and learn not only about Czech history but also how it has shaped the Czech culture of today.

Historical Czech towns and cities - holiday cottages

The cities and towns which boast some of the most exquisite sites of historical interest and are well-worth a visit, if you are not staying there, are of course Prague, Kuttenberg, Leitomischl, Olmütz, Kremsier, Eisgrub and Feldsberg, Brünn, Saar, Teltsch, Krummau and Holaschowitz. Immerse yourself in the history of the Czech Republic on your next European self-catering holidays. A tour through these towns is an experience for the soul. More than 2,000 castles, fortresses and castle ruins have been well preserved to this day and make for a great day out for families and history enthusiasts, using your holiday cottages in the Czech Republic as a base.

Self-catering Czech Republic - History

You will also have the chance to witness a variety of colourful events during your stay in out Czech holiday cottages, which are held throughout the year and tell the story of Czech history as well as giving an insight into the culture of the Czech Republic. Make the most of the opportunity for cultural enrichment and visit some of the numerous exhibitions, festivals, travelling fun fairs and classical concerts. Alternatively, you will be able to imbibe plenty of culture and old-world charm by simply strolling around the streets of the towns and cities of Czech Republic, particularly should you choose to rent one of our Prague apartments, which are conveniently located close to areas steeped in rich history and a great ambience.

Overview of Czech history

Throughout its long and ever-changing past, the Czech Republic has been claimed by many different monarchies and empires who hoped to make the country theirs, including being taken over by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and being part of the German Reich during WWII. The Czech Republic also made up part of Czechoslovakia, together with Slovakia, when the two were joined as one. After WWII and up until 1990 the Czech Republic was part of the Soviet Union, which of course greatly influenced the history of the country and has left behind a fascinating legacy for you to discover during your self-catering holidays in the Czech Republic. The country was only made fully independent in 1993.

Things to see and do - self-catering Czech Republic

Kutna Hora, with the famous Bone House was Bohemia's richest town in the Middle Ages and remains a popular tourist destination from Czech holiday homes. Or visit the open-air museum in Prerov or the town of Nymburg with its ancient town walls during your stay in our self-catering holiday accomodation. The fortress of Kokorin and the ruins of Bezdez are interesting places to see, as well as the Gothic fortress, Hruba Skala and the fortress of Krivoklat. Alternatively, take a day trip to the town of Melnik, where the Moldau River and the Elbe River meet.

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