Culture of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has grown in popularity over recent years when it comes to self-catering holidays in Europe, with holidaymakers from all over Europe choosing to experience the country's charms for themselves. If you decide to join them and visit the Czech Republic self-catering staying in one of NOVASOL's fully furnished apartments in Prague or other holiday homes in the Czech Republic then you can look forward to exploring the amazing natural beauty of the Czech countryside as well as taking in some of its brilliant cultural offerings, learning about the Czech history or sampling the Czech cuisine.

Self-catering Czech Republic - Culture

For many, the country is probably best known for the capital city of Prague. Prague is a fantastic destination for friends, families and couples alike and its cultural offerings are endless. Browse our range of apartments in Prague and start discovering this great city for yourself for your next self-catering holidays in Europe. However, there is more to the Czech Republic than just its capital; the country offers much more. Whether it is the beautiful scenery, the many picturesque medieval towns or the dramatic peaks of the mountain ranges you are sure to find something to love about the Czech Republic all within easy reach of your NOVASOL Czech Republic accommodation.

Holiday accommodation in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic consumes more beer per capita than anywhere else in the world and follow some old brewing traditions that have created unique and world-class Czech beers, such as Pilsner, Urquell and Budweiser. Why not take a guided tour of one of the authentic breweries during your stay in one of our holiday homes in the Czech Republic, particularly if staying in one of our Prague apartments. Beer is an important aspect of the culture and the Czech cuisine - the Czech people show a strong sense of patriotism when it comes to which beers they drink!

Cities, castles and ancient ruins - Prague apartments

There are plenty of things to do and see whilst staying in our Czech Republic holiday accommodation, some of our personal highlights, to name just a few of them, are the Kutna Hora,; with its famous Bone House, it was Bohemia's richest town during the Middle Ages. The old town of Nymburg with its old historical walls is also worth a visit during your stay in your chosen self-catering holiday homes. You can also absorb some Czech history in one of the country's many fortresses such as that of Kokorin and the ruins of Bezdez. Or take a day trip from your Prague apartments to one of the many castles, including the popular Veltrusy Castle with its large parks.

Czech Republic accommodation - cultural experiences

Music has played a role in Czech culture for centuries, particularly among the 'peasant class' of old who used music and songs as a means of expression; it is hard not to be enchanted by the traditional folkloric songs during your holiday in our accommodation in the Czech Republic. Many parts of the Czech Republic still hold celebrations and festivals which date back hundreds of years and make for the perfect experience of Czech culture and history during your holiday. People dress up in traditional Czech costumes and will sing and dance in the same way that people have for centuries. Of particular importance are the Grape Harvest, the celebration of Easter and the authentic Christmas Markets.

Folklore in Czech culture

Folklore plays an important role in Czech culture and has developed over a number of centuries. Throughout the year you will have the chance to witness a number of traditional folklore festivals in the Czech Republic during you stay in our Prague apartments or any of our other options for accommodation in the Czech Republic. The Czech people are proud of their heritage, culture and traditions and the folkloric traditions have both Pagan and Christian influences; such as the 'Drowning of Morana' - a uniquely Czech cultural experience.