Cuisine in the Czech Republic - holiday accommodation

The Czech Republic is a comparatively affordable destination choice for those looking for self-catering holidays in Europe and it offers its visitors such a wide variety of things to do and to see. Self-catering in the Czech Republic offers both the chance for active adventures surrounded by awe-inspiring natural beauty as much as the opportunity to learn about the unique Czech culture in one of its fabulous cities and towns. You will also have your pick of wonderful restaurants and eateries to choose from during your stay in our holiday accommodation in the Czech Republic.

Prague apartments

Czech food and Cuisine - Prague apartments

The cuisine of the Czech Republic, as with many countries in continental Europe, has been influenced and shaped by the cuisine and cultures of the surrounding countries. You will find during your stay in our holiday accommodation in the Czech Republic, that there is much heated discussion regarding which country is responsible for what dishes! However, the Czech Republic has given us some of the most Popular sweet dishes of the region. Particularly when staying in our Prague apartments you will be presented with such a wide variety and choice of eating options.

Experience Czech cuisine from your holiday home

The typical and traditional Czech cuisine it varies from region to region and many people will have their own take on classic recipes which have been passed down through the generations. Soup actually has an important part to play in Czech cuisine and no stay in self-catering holiday accommodation in the Czech Republic would be complete without trying some of the various varieties. Among the most popular which you will come across time and time again whilst renting our holiday lettings in Czech Republic are pea, mushroom and the special South Bohemian speciality. Soup is frequently served with dumplings in the Czech Republic.

Typical Czech cuisine - Czech apartments and cottages

If you are a fan of smoked meats, sausages and cheeses; then you are in for a treat should you decide to rent one of our portfolio of self-catering accommodation in the Czech Republic, as the country produces lots of each of these. Pork is a definite mainstay on the typical Czech cuisine as are tasty root vegetables, often combined together in hearty stews - the perfect warming dish during the colder months. Whilst the cuisine of the Czech Republic shares some similarities with the cuisine of Hungary, there are variations; for example, a Czech Goulash is much thicker than its Hungarian counterpart.

Features of Czech cuisine - Czech holiday cottages

The Czech Republic is lucky to be home to some incredible areas of natural beauty; which includes a number of forests, mountainous regions and clear lakes. This all means that the people of the Czech Republic enjoy the benefit of fantastically fresh and locally grown produce. You can also enjoy a fresh and regional diet should you decide to stay in one of our self-catering holiday homes in the Czech Republic; either when visiting the local restaurants which serve authentic rustic dishes, or perhaps preparing a meal yourself in your chosen accommodation's private kitchen!

Czech specialities - holiday apartments in the Czech Republic

Due to the large forest areas in the Czech Republic, many different varieties of wild mushrooms grow freely in the country. This means that lots of dishes involve the flavourful addition of these delicious mushrooms, be sure to try some during your stay self-catering in the Czech Republic with NOVASOL. Beer is also a feature of the Czech culture and therefore features in the cuisine; if you go out to a bar whilst renting our Prague apartments, see if they have beer cheese on the menu - with the addition of fresh toasted bread and freshly poured Czech beer you really cannot go wrong!

Accommodation in the Czech Republic - self-catering

The Czech Republic is filled with many sights and experiences that are sure to make for an unforgettable holiday; be it with your friends, family or partner. By choosing self-catering accommodation in the Czech Republic with NOVASOL you can make the most of all these opportunities and have an authentic experience of the Czech culture and way of life. Just one of the many benefits of self-catering is the freedom and flexibility that you will enjoy to plan how you want to spend your time - and particularly when are where you would like to eat, so you can enjoy the best of Czech cuisine from rustic to fine dining and everything in between!