Bohemian Forest

If you have booked a holiday home in the Bohemian Forest, you can proudly say that your holiday home is located on the green roof of Europe. This densely wooded area in the Czech Republic lies in the border area with Germany and Austria and forms a mountain range that is approximately 120 kilometers long.

The chain consists of healthy forests with many picturesque lakes that date back to the Ice Age, and in 1993 this valuable area was given the status of National Park (Šumava National Park).

A wide network of hiking trails and marked cycle paths will lead you through many villages and u.a. also on the highest mountain of the Bohemian Forest on the Czech side - the Plechý, 1.378 m.ü.M. The cottage or apartment in the Czech Republic always offer the ideal starting point for your holiday.

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Here, nature shows you its untouched side. It can develop without directing human intervention and is so beautiful and worthy of protection that Šumava National Park has been established. The rivers Moldau and Otava flow through it and five glacial lakes. Moore and Hochmoore show you here true wonders of nature, such as. For example, the highest glacier lake on Debrník and its floating islands of moss and grass, as well as the popular Kare "Schwarzer See" and "Teufelsee".

The Jezerní slať moor is one of the coldest places in Šumava. The temperature reaches only 3.5 ° C in summer and it also rains a lot. The subsoil is formed by a lake on which a peat layer up to 7 m thick floats. Due to this climate, plant species grow in the moor, which are native to the tundra, ie on permafrost soils of Siberia. The moor is accessed by a wooden pier. At the edge there is a lookout tower.

Inaccessible to the public are Maderer Felt, the largest moorland in the Bohemian Forest. They are living space for the black grouse and are under strict nature protection. As compensation, there is a nature trail through the high moor Chalupska slat - the king felt. A beam path leads you across the peat bog area to the largest peat bog lake in the Czech Republic. Here you can see the beautiful moors with their floating islands and vibratory lawns, if they are not stung peat for flower boxes. The entire area is under conservation. If you look closely, you can see the carnivorous sundew in its natural element.

The famous composer Smetana has been inspired by Bohemian villages of this area for his opera "The Bartered Bride". In the village of Vinzenzsäge in 1867 he planted three pines together with friends, which have now grown into mighty trees - the Smetana spruce.

At the headwaters of the Vltava is the up to 44 km long and 16 km wide Lipno Reservoir. On the left side mostly natural, it is on the right a popular leisure area. He attracts with a fabulous wealth of fish and international kayaking and sailing competitions. If all this is not for you then you can swim, sail and surf here. From the 13th century, the river Vltava was used for wood washing. Mills and hammer mills were already used at that time, which used the river as an energy source. By 1850, logging and rafting reached enormous proportions.

Self-catering holidays in the Czech Republic in all seasons

In summer, one of the most popular holiday areas in the Bohemian Forest is certainly the Lipno Reservoir. With its size of 48.7 square kilometers, it has the largest water surface in the Czech Republic and is a huge paradise for all swimming and sailing enthusiasts from June to September.

In winter the Šumava with its well-equipped ski centers offers excellent conditions for winter sports on holiday in the Czech Republic. In the surroundings of the Železná Ruda, Špičák, Zadov, Churáňov, Nové Hutě and Kvilda ski areas you will not only find beautiful mountain landscapes, but also a whole series of groomed downhill and cross-country trails. The mountain village Kvilda (Gewilda / Gefilde) at 1,065 m above sea level is the highest situated municipality in the Czech Republic.