Holiday homes in Bohemia, Czech Republic

Holiday homes in Bohemia - Czech Republic

Looking for a unique, cheap holiday? Bohemia is the perfect destination for you.The historical region of Bohemia covers two thirds of the country and includes the enchanting capital city of Prague. Apartments in Prague are fairly priced and excellently located to take advantage of the this vibrant city. An increasingly popular holiday destination, the Czech Republic’s Bohemia region offers holidaymakers a diverse range of things to see and do for a truly magical holiday.

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Discover Bohemia’s History

Central Bohemia is steeped in history, and almost every city within this region has an ancient city centre. Check out the towns of Mělník, Kladno and Benešov to experience first hand the beauty of these ancient settlements alongside contemporary buildings. The region is great for a family holiday due to its numerous cultural and historical sites; kids will be enthralled as they explore the turrets of charming medieval towers and look down over old military fortifications. Book a holiday letting in the Hradec Králové region, which has an inexhaustible amount of historical sites to visit in both urban and rural areas and learn about Czech history.

Holiday in Outstanding Nature

The Czech Republic still retains much of its folksy, rural charm.  Take a scenic walk through the ‘Bohemian Paradise’ nature reserve, which  certainly lives up to it’s name! Nature reserves can also be found nestled in the Iser and Lusatian Mountains, and at the ‘Giant Mountains’ Natural Park in the Liberec region. Book a forest holiday home in the Czech Republic to have this stunning nature right on your doorstep!

Glide down the the winding Berounka and Sázava rivers during your summer holidays in the Czech Republic, listening to the soft ripple of the waves breaking on against the bow of your boat, or else take a cooling dip. The Vltava waterworks are a very popular excursion with both tourists and locals, where you can find a diverse number of water-sports that will keep kids young and old occupied during your family holiday. Vtalva is also unusual in that is has many stone and iron observation towers; these are exclusive to the area and will not be found anywhere else within the Czech Republic.

A Destination For All Seasons

No matter what time of year you book a holiday home in the Czech Republic, you’ll not be disappointed by what the country has to offer. During the summer months, the South Bohemian regions around the Lipno and Orlik reservoirs are picture-perfect, as are the well-known South Bohemian ponds and the Bohemian Forest. The Vysočina region is great for country walks due to its its clean and well-preserved natural beauty and the dicovering quaint little villages you’ll pass through on the way is surely among the best activities in the Czech Republic. A country cottage within any of these regions is a must!

In the winter, the Czech republic is a great destination for a cheap holiday on the slopes. Overlooking the frosted trees of the Bohemian Forest are the ski resorts of Churáňov and Zadov. Why not rent a cottage with a hot tub so you can kick back in style during the evenings?

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The Ponies of Pardubice

Pardubice is well known in the Czech Republic for its high quality horses. Horses of the highest pedigree have been bred at the Kladruby nad Labem stud farm. Founded in 1552, it is one of the oldest in the country. The Grand Pardubice Steeplechase is Europe’s most difficult horse-racing track; book a holiday letting in the Czech Republic nearby if you want to catch the action, which occurs every second Saturday in October. Whilst your there, check out the Králický Sněžník Mountain, which is the highest point of the Eastern Bohemia region. Great for an adventure holiday, hike up to the ‘roof of Europe’ at the border between Poland and the Czech Republic.

More Than Beer Here!

If the town of Pilen (Plzeň) sounds familiar, that’s because it's the home of the world-famous Pilsner Urquell brewery. We highly recommend visiting the brewery during your summer holiday, where you can sip a cold beer at an extremely agreeable price! Whilst you’re visiting, don’t forget that Pilen is not just famous for beer; the international car manufacturing company Škoda was founded in this town. With 163,000 inhabitants, it is a significant town within the Czech Republic. Pilen has strong industrial history and is a commercial and cultural hub, with plentiful shopping opportunities to enjoy near your holiday homes in Czech Republic.

Czech into a Spa!

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway away from the tourist hotspots surrounding your Prague accommodation, the Karlsruhe region is unique within the Czech Republic due to its dense network of hot and cold mineral springs, located deep underground. Finish up your summer holiday to this serene region, in which there are 100 natural sources flowing fresh and full of minerals. Visit Karlsbad, one of the largest spa resorts on the continent and really sets apart this destination from other holidays in Europe.

Holiday homes in Czech Republic

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