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Villas Croatia: the City of Krk

So the name of the island may not be so easy to pronounce, but take a visit whilst renting Croatia villas near Krk and you will be bowled over how easy-going and beautiful everything is. This island can be found in the Kvarner Gulf, and is just as big as the neighbouring island of Cres, but is of a different shape. From the mainland, you can reach Krk by an impressive bridge. The highway connects the north of the island with the capital in the south, with the eponymous Krk. Self catering in Kvarner is a good starting point, although you are recommended a visit even from villas in Dubrovnik or Zadar apartments!

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Spiritual Island – Self-catering Croatia

You don’t have to be religious to enjoy the beauty of the island of Krk, or its religious buildings. From your Croatia accommodation, feel welcome to explore the town as a spiritual centre. The Catholic Diocese also includes the surrounding islands and the interesting churches of Krk maintain ancient Slavic rites. In the Bishopric significant monuments have been preserved, such as the so-called Baška Tablet from the year 1100 and the board of Valun. The Marie cathedral can also be visited with its three elements of style – a late Gothic altarpiece, lecterns from the Renaissance era and a Baroque high altar.

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Why go to Rome or Sicily when you could have the same level of weather and historical attractions without breaking the bank? Under Roman rule, Krk was called ‘Municipium’. Whilst self-catering Croatia, stroll from your cottages with hot tubs or villas with private swimming pools to seek even more relaxation in a cafe in the Ribarskagasse. Neighbouring this there can be found a valuable Roman mosaic from the 2nd century. Also in the harbour tower dating back to 1407, you can find even more Roman remains.

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Within the Cathedral are former monasteries and ruins of valuable sacral heritage. Do not miss the castle of Frankopan from the 12.-13th century. The Croatian princely family was rich and powerful, the Grobnik castle in Rijeka dates back to their rule. Around the old town, Krk has also developed into a popular resort with marinas, promenades and beautiful beaches. Book Croatia accommodation and mingle with the numerous tourists from around the world.