Croatia holiday villas: Sveti Grgur and Goli Otok

What comes to mind when you dream of a paradise holiday location? Crystal clear waters, stunning beaches, swaying trees and a secluded location? All of these things characterise Kvarner Bay’s islands – Sveti Grgur and Goli Otok. Rent nearby villas Croatia and step not just into a comfortable holiday home, but idyllic surroundings. The archipelago is located between the island of Prvić and Rab with some small and two larger islands. Book direct holiday homes in Kvarner, Croatia, and visit these two larger islands - Sveti Grgur and Goli Otok.

Visit Sveti Grgur – Cheap holidays Croatia

Sveti Grgur – ‘St. George’ -. southwest of Prvić, has served inhabitants of Lopar in the north of Rab, due to the large number of pastures and fields, as an agricultural island for sheep rearing. Today, those renting villas Croatia are attracted to the island by beautiful bays, beaches, and untouched nature.

Nature lovers can go on walks and wait to spot a herd of fallow deer, or look for wildflowers in the fields. You could even take a relaxing boat here from Pula or Zadar accommodation! Your unique cottages needn’t be based on a nearby island as the mainland has such good connections to Croatia’s many islands and islets.

Visit Goli Otok: Direct holiday homes

Goli Otok is a scenic island which can be explored with a small tourist train. Active holidays staying at villas in Croatia are also great as you can hike around hike the island as well. Goli Otok is about two kilometres wide and long. Visit the island whilst on cheap holidays Croatia and visit local treasures such as the harbour, the lighthouse and the numerous quarries. The rugged nature of the island has prevented colonisation and development on Goli Otok, so it was long a haven for naturists!

Discover quirky history

If you visit either Sveti Grgur or Goli Otok whilst renting villas in Croatia, be aware of both islands as formar penal camps in communist Yugoslavia. Female opponents of Tito’s regime were consigned to live in Sveti, whilst the maximum security prison for men was located on Goli. Read about this fascinating but eerie part of history whilst staying at your apartments Zadar or Dubrovnik before seeing the real thing! By 1985, a total of 16,500 political opponents were imprisoned from all walks of life on Goli Otok, who often were sentenced without trial.