Discover local cuisine in Croatian villas

Istria offers many opportunities for cheap holidays abroad and an unforgettable holiday in Croatia. Istria is divided into sections: to the north and east, you will see the mountains, and to the west and south you will find the sea and the coastal landscape. Due to this varied landscape, depending on where your villas in Croatia are located, you will find different specialties – although they are all delicious! In Inland Istria, the famous (and the world's best) white truffles, can be found. Whereas, obviously the coastal areas bring fresh fish dishes. Fantastic regional wines also come highly recommended, and cheeses made from sheep or goats milk reared in Istria!

Croatian villas


Truffles, asparagus and olives

The world-famous white truffles are just one of the specialties that you can enjoy whilst renting cottages with hot tubs or swimming pools. Enjoy your stay at Croatia holiday resorts and make use of the outside grills provided at many of these properties. Feast on delicious wild asparagus and local olives and pine nuts at the coast. Croatia is not just full of fascinating attractions, but excels as a gastronomic paradise for foodies. You can purchase these ingredients at local markets and shops for preparation, or take the opportunity to relax and experience locally run restaurants instead! Enjoy local ingredients whether renting apartments Split or Istria!

A range of flavours on Croatian villa holidays

Due to the location of Croatia, the Istrian cuisine is influenced by its neighbouring countries. So, just as with NOVASOL Croatian villa holidays, you can really find a range of different tastes here. You may go from enjoying an Istrian Maneštre stew, to an incredible Italian pasta dish with shaved truffles. Your villas in Croatia are the key to accessing a smorgasbord of culinary delights, often topped with the local herbs or accoutrements that grow wild in Istria. Why not try the Croatian ‘Ombolo’ pork fillet with wine, garlic and bay leaves, or delicious Istrian sausages?

Villas in Istria

Enjoy the atmosphere on family holidays

Regardless if your Croatia holiday resorts are based in the hinterland, bringing dishes of fresh vegetables, meaty stews and delicious stuffed pasta, or whether they are right on the coast, offering oysters, crabs, sardines and cuttlefish ink risotto, enjoy the atmosphere! In Istrian culture, it is not just the preparation of a dish which makes the taste irresistible, but the atmosphere and the company you enjoy it in! Remember this when you rent Istrian or Dubrovnik villas and be sure to accompany your meal with a glass of local wine along with your family and some beautiful scenery!