Baredine Caves

Visit the Baredine caves during a Croatia self catering holiday

The region of Istria, Croatia is perfect for an active holiday or for those looking for an adventure! Whilst staying in one of our many villas in Croatia, why not visit the Baredine caves, near Nova Vas and close to the cities of Poreè, Višnjan and Tar. Driving to the caves is generally very easy and the car park in front of the site ensures that you can park your car safely.

Introduction to the caves

The caves are the perfect attraction during a self catering Istria holiday, and are open from early April to late October, with the tours through the magical underworld providing a special treat for families. The caves reach a depth of up to 132 metres and have evolved during the course of thousands of years. With a constant temperature of 14 ° C, the caves are a protected geomorphologic natural monument. The site is home to a series of deep underground lakes, stalactites and stalagmites, with the latter forming beautiful shapes that can be seen (with some imagination) as Madonna, a snowman with a torch and the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Tours and family attractions during a Croatia self catering holiday

During the tour, you will travel through a 300 meter long passage, passing through five halls and five galleries, complete with abstract and unique shapes formed by the stalactites, as well as a unique variety of fauna and flora. Our family villas in Croatia are perfect for educating the children, who will enjoy the aforementioned formations as well as the interesting wildlife, such as the extremely rare olm, tiny transparent crabs and unique beetles in the caves!

Discover archaeological findings during your self catering Istria holiday

Not to be missed are the archaeological findings once found in the caves, such as the remnants of pots dating back to the prehistoric times.

It also provides the opportunity to read about the early settlement of Istria and how the locals adapted to the nature in the region. For example, it has been found that drinking water was once gathered from amongst the stalactites!

For those who would like to stay a little longer, you will also find a series of small and interesting exhibitions, a selection of souvenirs or why not grab a bite to eat in the picnic area before heading back to your family villa in Croatia?