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Although the city is set amongst historic surroundings, including Roman ruins and Medieval churches, Zadar is becoming increasingly modernised. It is, therefore, perfect for guests in our Croatia accommodation who wish to combine modern convenience alongside some of Croatia’s best culture. Thanks to the technology company, Navigo Sistem, the popular resort now benefits from an electronic travel guide which allows guests to quickly locate the main attractions during their Croatia villas holiday. The AdriaGuide-Zadar includes fifty different themes, including city tours, food recommendations, shopping guides and sporting news. These themes include information such as GPS coordinates, pictures, phone numbers, addresses and other useful information. The guide can be downloaded on smart phones and used at your convenience during your holiday. For those in search of one of NOVASOL’s cheap holidays, it ensures you can search for budget-friendly activities at the tip of your fingers.

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Croatia accommodation and culture

Guests in search of history and culture during a self-catering Croatia holiday should visit the eerily exciting, yet educational so-called ‘Adriatic bunkers’ near Zadar. The site comprises thirty former military objects and dates back to the 20th Century, when it was built by Italians. The seventy year old bunkers are steeped in history and are still in good condition today. They were used during the nineties by local residents in homes and apartments Dalmatia seeking protection during the Yugoslavian war. The locals discovered that the bunkers lead to a series of underground passages and thoughts have since turned to how the bunkers can be used today. Proposals have included using them for tourism, such as utilising the space for cafes, taverns and restaurants. However, it has since been decided that they should remain as a memorial for future generations.

Holiday lettings– from Venice to Zadar

Guests enjoying a self-catering Croatia holiday will soon discover that Zadar boasts a 3000 year history. In fact, the city is often compared to Venice. You will soon find that the city has it all: culture, history and an abundance of wonderful scenery, which guests in our coastal cottages adore. Guests in search of culture will love the beautiful old town, which is home to historic churches and its city walls. You may wish to discover Croatia’s oldest university, which was founded in 1396. Alternatively, if your tastes are more modern, you may enjoy some of our chic Croatian villas dotted along the beautiful Riviera.

Zadar or Pula… take your pick

Zadar is often popular with fans of our Pula apartments due to the historical remnants and seaside location found in both cities. If you fancy a change from holidaying in Istria, head to Dalmatia to explore the sights and sounds here!