South Dalmatian Croatia holiday homes in winter

The picturesque Croatian coast on the Adriatic delivers incredible views and countless exciting events even in the winter months, so why restrict your impression of this incredible destination to the summer alone? Discover South Dalmatia in the winter and you will be able to enjoy a variety of musical events, exhibitions, theatre shows, and nightclub parties, as well as relaxing boat trips, long walks by the sea and spending time with family and friends in your Croatia holiday rentals. Easily access museums, monuments and the aquarium with reduced crowds, queues and no uncomfortable heat.

Croatia villas with a comfortable climate

When you think of Croatia, you call to mind the hot summers there, seeking shade and plunging into a cool swimming pool. If this is not ideal for you, try renting Croatia holiday cottages in winter, when temperatures are between 12 and 15 degrees. These are the right conditions for enjoying hikes through the hills, for visiting the port and strolling through the beautiful old town, but also for boat without feeling overly hot or needing to find shelter. Those who enjoy outdoor sports might feel more comfortable exercising in this temperature, whilst the elderly and very young will also be safer and happier.

Get a Winter Card on arrival at your Croatia villas

Wake up to a leisurely breakfast and stroll into town, where you can obtain the Croatia Winter Card. With this incredibly useful card you can get various discounts, benefits and deals numerous souvenir shops, cultural centres, coffee shops, restaurants, and also in wellness facilities. The Winter Card is available free of charge and can be found at the information offices belonging to the tourist board of each city. This is highly recommended for those of you looking to rent your Croatia holiday homes in winter months.

Winter activities near your Croatia holiday rentals

In December there are beautiful Christmas markets, selling lovely souvenirs and festive snacks. Meanwhile, in January there are New Year’s celebrations and fireworks. February brings with it a variety of festivities, including a four day long carnival. No matter what the month, if your Croatia holiday cottages are near Dubrovnik, be sure to visit the Old Town. Here there are an incredible array of fascinating buildings and sights from as far back as the Middle Ages. This area is also a cultural hotspot, with plenty of galleries, exhibitions and performances to see all year round.