Volcanic Islands

Volcanic islands: Villas in Croatia

Our Croatia villa holidays are perfect for those wishing to explore the picturesque islands of Croatia. Of the 1185 Croatian islands, just two are of volcanic origin: Brusnik and Jabuka. These, alongside the partially volcanic island Komiža, form the ‘Adriatic Volcanic Triangle’ and are fantastic destinations for a day trip during your stay in one of NOVASOL’s many Croatia apartments. The islands are uninhabited yet full of history, and formed about 200 million years ago.

Unique cottages and day trips in Croatia

Whilst staying in one of our villas Croatia why not visit the island of Brusnik, which is situated just 23 kilometres west of the island of Vis. A boat trip allows you to marvel at the imposing island up close. In addition, the boat crews often know the best spots on the east coast where you can moor your boat and explore the 200-meter long island. Once there, you will find that the harsh climate on the island and the high waves that crash against its shores, mean that there is little life to be found: in fact, there is just an endemic lizard and endemic plant! Guests in our Croatia apartments often marvel at the high proportion of the magnetite found in the rocks on the island, which greatly impacts the magnetic field and, consequently, affects the compass needles on the passing ships.

Visit Jabuka during your Croatia villa holidays

You will find similar conditions to Brusnik on the island of Jabuka. The island is another great trip for guests staying in one of NOVASOL’s direct holiday homes and, likewise, home to some fascinating conditions. The island does not feature any fresh water and, like Brusnik, it contains high levels of magnetite which causes havoc with the passing ships. As the island is situated far from sea routes, it is mainly visited by holidaymakers wishing to see the island. The island comprises steep cliffs and is surrounded by deep waters, which unfortunately makes anchoring a boat very difficult. The 97 meter high rock, which forms the shape of a pyramid, provides some great viewing for guests in our villas Croatia, who circle the island by boat.

Fishing and apartments Pula

The volcanic islands provide great viewing for guests enjoying cheap family holidays to Croatia. Not only are they home to an interesting geography and spectacular views, but also known for their fertile waters, which make them a haven for fishing. Alternatively, for something a little different, why not try fishing during a holiday in one of NOVASOL’s Pula apartments? Situated approximately 8 hours north of the volcanic islands, Pula is another fantastic location for both families and fishing enthusiasts.