Zecevo I Croatian villas

Croatia villas and the Island of Zecevo

Situated close to the towns of Rogoznica and Nin, Zecevo is an uninhabited island full of surprises. Although the island is small, it is brimming with adventure and boasts some fantastic hiking routes. Be sure to visit the island whilst staying in one of our Croatia holiday villas. It is easily accessible for those looking for a daytrip whilst staying in one of NOVASOL’s Zadar apartments. Although it is a slightly further journey from our accommodation in Dubrovnik, as you will find below its fascinating pilgrimage makes it well worth a visit!

Background of the Zecevo pilgrimage

Every year in May, the island attracts thousands of visitors who partake in the traditional pilgrimage to celebrate the apparition of Our Lady on May 5th. The pilgrimage honours a story which dates back to the 16th century and has been celebrated ever since. It is believed that following the Turks’ defeat during a battle in Nin, they set fire to the church and monastery on the island of Zecevo, killed the monks and threw the statue of Our Lady into the sea. The legend has it that the Old Lady swam to the shore in Nin to deliver a message to the shepherdess Jelena. It is thought that the statue shed her tears in order to reaffirm her message. Since then, the first Monday in May was appointed a holiday in memory of ‘Our Lady of Zecevo’ and the pilgrimage is celebrated every yearl If you are staying in our Zadar accommodation during this time be sure to pop along to witness the celebrations.

Croatia holiday villas and the pilgrimage

A stay in one of our Croatia villas presents the perfect opportunity to view the procession from one of the boats in the area or alternatively join in the procession yourself! During low tide it is possible to make the pilgrimage on foot, all the way to the island. The solemn processions starts after the mass in the Church of St Anselm and commences in Nin, which is decorated accordingly. For worshippers, or simply those enjoying one of NOVASOL’s holidays in Europe, it is a fantastic way to learn more about the past and look into the future.

Family holidays and Zecevo

The pilgrimage is welcoming to all who wish to join, whether you are a local resident or enjoying a family holiday in stunning Croatia. It is also a fantastic way to mingle with the locals and visitors from around the world, whether you are staying in our accommodation in Dubrovnik or travelling from further afield! Book from one of NOVASOL’s fantastic selection of cheap holidays to Croatia soon to ensure you do not miss out on this unique experience.