Neretva Delta

Croatia holiday villas on the Neretva Delta

The fertile Neretva River Delta begins in the city of Metković and has three branches which run through the marshy area of the Delta, making this area a significant agricultural sector, notably with corn, fruit and wine production. The Neretva River has its source in the Bosnian mountains and flows after 218 kilometres into the Adriatic, where there are Croatia holiday homes for rent. This strategically located river delta was settled early and remains of the Roman city of Narona were found in Vid, near Metković. Now the Neretva Delta enjoys a successful tourist industry, as well as serving as a hub for commercial transport activity.

Discover the City of Ploče – Croatia self-catering cottages

Ploče has the second largest port in Croatia and with the several companies based here, as well as several million tons of cargo handling per year, this location is very important for the economy. The city has only about 10,000 inhabitants, but is made up of nine municipalities. Ploče is located on the Adriatic coast in South Dalmatia, just north of the Neretva Delta, making this the natural destination for many routes heading to or from the Dinaric region. Visit this port on your Croatia villa holidays and watch the big ships go by.

Things to do at the Neretva Delta

The dreaded Narentine pirates who are said to have settled in this delta, derived their name from this river. You can take a boat trip on your Croatia villa holidays and follow in their footsteps, taking in the sights of Ploče, the Adriatic Highway and the seven Baćina Lakes. The freshwater lakes are located high above sea level, offering breath-taking views, so photography enthusiasts should come prepared. Of course there are also a wide range of beaches near your Croatia holiday villas, making swimming, diving and fishing possible.

Croatia holiday homes for rent across from Bosnia

Just east of the Neretva Delta runs the state border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where there is an approximately 4 kilometre wide access route to the Adriatic. The City of Neum is a modern seaside resort with marina based on a large headland. There are plenty of steep hills, sandy beaches, and all the tourist facilities you may need. This makes a fascinating day trip and change of scenery from your Croatia cottages, so remember to take your passport and discover this part of the Neretva River Delta!