Nature parks

Nature parks near your holiday homes in Croatia

There are 11 natural parks, 8 natural reserves and 2 strictly protected reserves in Croatia, coming to around 450,000 hectares of protected natural assets. This vibrant array of Croatian nature parks, nature reserves and national parks are located in all three regions of Dalmatia: Northern Dalmatia, Southern Dalmatia and Central Dalmatia. All of them have unique features that are worth discovering from your family villas in Croatia. We would recommend in particular visiting Biokovo, a botanical garden situated on the mountain range of the same name, Vrasko Jezero, Croatia's largest lake, Mljet island and the waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Holiday homes Dalmatia – a nature lover’s paradise

Croatia, and especially Dalmatia, has a rich fauna and flora with interesting and diverse landscapes to offer. The wide range of natural land formations, plants and animal species here is incredibly valuable and therefore, conservation and the detection and categorisation of the natural environment in Croatia are of paramount importance. There are incredible cascading waterfalls, thick forests, impressive mountains, beautifully clear lakes, caves and amazing marine life. Whilst renting your family villas in Croatia, be sure to book a nature tour and you may spot a number of animals from dolphins to wild sheep and bears!

Self-catering in Croatia and national parks

A national park is a large natural area with exceptional natural properties and an almost pristine ecosystem. Here, strict regulations apply, which must be observed when you book and visit from your holiday homes Dalmatia. The park only traditional farming and sustainable tourism are allowed. Four of the eight National Parks are located in Dalmatia and waiting to be discovered by you and your family: Mljet, Paklenica, Krka and Kornati. Visiting such beautiful and well preserved areas is not just pleasant for tourists, but the entrance fees paid go towards vital maintenance, research into wildlife and the protection of these wonderful environmental treasures.

From holiday homes in Croatia to nature parks

In Croatia there are a total of eleven nature parks, five of which are located in Dalmatia. These are Velebit nature park, Vrana Lake Nature Park, Telašćica, Lastova and Biokovo Nature Park. As ‘nature park’ refers to a particular type of natural category, there are far less stringent rules concerning the protection, use and farming of the landscape than with National Parks. Nature parks are also under state control. This valuable space is to be preserved in its current form, but can also be marketed as a tourist destination. If you enjoy a certain type of recreational activity whilst self-catering in Croatia, look into the range of pursuits you can undertake in Nature Parks.